time out.

i should be studying for a test in my quasi-psychological but basically feminist class. (for the record, i have nothing against feminists. i just despise irritating old women with whiny voices and hypocritical thought patterns.) however, i don't really want to study, i need to figure out what i'm doing tomorrow, and the day is almost over, which is really bad, considering what day it is.

quickly, now.

meow. <3

i didn't forget, my fellow nail polisher. i hope it was good. i hope you're smiling. take care of yourself, friend, whatever you're up to. i hope the weather's amazing and the sky is clear and the stars are all sparkling above you and such. everything should be lovely, because it's your birthday. but then, you already knew that.

i hope you have a happy birthday, ray.


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Rayya said...

ohhh you are so sweet thank you <3 and somehow after weeks of rain yes the sun is shining.. and no those hypocritical whiny feminists get to me :\ LOL I decided not to do a class because of its emphasis on feminism... they make us look like we suck. on a brighter note <3 don't worry about studying... its fine. meow <3 hugggs

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