silly me, for being honest.

i think maybe it's time i started telling a few lies.

my boyfriend is very considerate so far and since he knows about a few things that trigger me, he's extra careful about what he says or brings up. he puts in as much work into our relationship as i do, if not slightly more. i always feel like i can tell him anything because i know he'll listen to what i have to say without making me feel bad for being honest. his friends are really lovely people all the time and they're very considerate about the things they say. we all get along like a big house on fire. they think i love them all dearly. i do.

he pays attention to me when we're together. when we go on dates, he isn't preoccupied with his phone or anything. he barely even looks at it. speaking of dates, i don't plan all of them. in fact, i don't even have to suggest when we go on them. not ever. when he isn't working, he always makes sure that we get to do something together. something that isn't just us hanging out at his house. if we go to the movies, he lets me pick the movie without complaint every other date. even if we only watch movies at his house or mine, we trade, so he isn't the one choosing what we watch all time. and he doesn't complain about the movies i pick, he watches them and critiques after they're done. never during. never that.

all in all, i'm pretty sure i'm one hundred percent happy with this. i'm really glad i gave up polyamory for a monogamous relationship. right now, i can say with full confidence that it was worth it.

i'm so glad i found this.

i'm so glad i did.


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Bella said...

It's a big change, moving from a polyamorous to monogamous lifestyle. I'm a little torn as to what to say, to be honest.
Part of me says "See if you can work things through. It sounds like you've got a really good guy who cares deeply for you."
But part of me says "Some people are just better suited to a different dynamics of relationships. Don't carve your self down by trying to fit a square peg in a round hole."
But, either way, your happiness is the most important thing.

Love <3

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