i'm ready.

i always felt weird about saying happy new year. i feel like the new year starts on the day you're born. but still, with respect for the calendar and all, happy new year. {I LOVE YOU GUYS.}

i'm ready for the new year.

i do this every year; i'm honest with myself and think about what i need to change. so i'm ready for the new year. i don't want to change completely. i just want to become the kind of person i'd love to be around all the time. i'm silly and i overreact but we all do that sometimes. and sometimes i blow things out of proportion and sometimes i act like things don't bother me when they really shake me up. i can't always be one hundred percent honest with people, especially when i care about them. i back away from people who act like they care about me because i don't want to get hurt. so i keep people at a distance because i don't want helpers that will run away.

i heard "birds of a feather flock together" long before i heard "opposites attract" so i've always believed that if you want to be surrounded by a certain type of people, you should be that kind of person yourself. so i try to be friendly and cheerful and kind to strangers even when i'm feeling bad because that's the kind of person i'd want to be around me. and i can't really see myself as a beautiful person on the outside, even though sometimes people tell me i'm pretty. people tell me i have talent in certain areas and i can't really believe that either. so even if it's not closely linked, want to reach my goal so that maybe if i can honestly start to believe in myself, i'll be surrounded by people who honestly believe in me too.

something like that. ˙˙

uhmm... didn't get the treadmill. (figures, that lady sucks.) but that's okay, because even if i don't have a treadmill, i'll do jumping jacks in the basement and crunches on my floor and whatever it takes to get where i want to be.

i think every second is a chance to start over, to fix a mistake. so even if your year hasn't started well, don't lose hope, okay? it'll get better. just believe in yourself.

haha, i should work for hallmark or something.

anyway, i'll do my best to become the kind of person i can be proud of.



xXzapxfireXx said...

I feel that a new year starts on the first day of school :3
The end of the year is the last day and the summer is the gap between to do whatever you want.

Sad to hear about the treadmill. I'm sure you'll find lots of great ways to exercise though.

You are already a great person. It's okay to change a bit but don't be someone your not.

Happy New Years!

MoniqueS said...

You already should be proud of the person you are. You really are so likeable.

And you can get amazing workouts just using your own body weight. I wish you so much luck with your goals for 2012!

Bones said...

Ah, so upbeat. You always seem to have a good attitude, it's nice to read. That's all it takes to be a likable person, in my book. Happy new year, best of luck with your resolution-type dealies, xx

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

i'm ready for sex! mmeh. yummy you.
you are such a beautiful person. the way you talk makes one want to grin (and procrastinate) and you're just amazing overall. i think if you were another person, you'd tolerate yourself. that's what i think. <3 you're just so cuteeee. LOL, you should work for hallmark and i will just be there to give you low-fat veganised coffee and rub my hands around you until you call security.
-Sam Lupin

Emma said...

You should be proud of yourself! And I like how you think "every second is a chance to start over". I love that, and it's true. I have been wanting, needing to get a treadmill for the past couple of months and due to lack of space and money, I guess I'll be on the floor doing crunches too, hehe ^_^

Nasimiyu said...

happy new year! late, but the sentiment still counts :) hope the new year started well and is still going well for you! x

Anna said...

Hey you! its been a while, but I just wanted to let you know I'm back and can't wait to read all about you again. If you have the time visit my blog, there I explain everything I was going through at the end of last year and the reasons why I dissapear.
Happy new year to you too! and lets make the best out of it!

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