yikes. meant to do this yesterday.

so i didn't go see my grandmother, but i did go to the other party where i saw my lovely sister. it turned out only the salad and rice were vegan and my mother was like, "it's rude to come to a party and not eat anything after they cooked so much." so i had some salad and some rice. while my sister and i were making the salad, the lady whose house we were at looked at the two of us and said, "it's amazing that i don't usually see her eat and yet she's still so big." and i was smiling and laughing because what does she know, right? i said it's because my sister always ate real food while i opted for the sweeter side of the supermarket. then my sister and i were talking about ourselves and i mentioned that i wish i had her legs. and she goes, "why, what's wrong with yours?" i couldn't explain it to her. then after we both finished eating, we were sitting on a bed watching heroes (which i've never seen in my life, but it looks interesting). and like, her collarbones... amazing.


anyway, i saw her again today. we both got kindle fires. christmas gifts. lovely.

the overdue part, actually, is my current weight which is one hundred and twenty eight pounds. it didn't seem all that big until i spent time with my sister who's like ninety eight pounds. and then it was like, oh. yeah. i'm still fat.


my friend (who ends up being bitchy from time to time, although i'll never tell her that because i'd feel like one too) decided to make me her nutritionist. the irony is killing me. i don't eat healthy, but apparently i know more about losing weight than she does. so we're going to hold each other accountable. i told her to start using a food journal. i said we'll officially start on the first day of the new year. so we're fitness and food journal buddies. and i told her that my amazingly skinny sister and i basically have the same bone structure, i just eat worse (this line works for me; i use it often) so i won't have to explain to her why i'm suddenly one hundred pounds later on.

and i'm on treadmill mania right now. even my mother is tired of hearing about it.


some lady said she wondered why i didn't look more like my sister. (to be honest, that party sucked BALLS and if my sister hadn't been there, i would've left. WHY THE HELL WERE ALL THESE FAT PEOPLE ASKING ME WHY I WASN'T SKINNY LIKE HER!?) i told her i'm working on it.

seriously, though. i'm working on it.

i'm tired of being the big sister. i'm supposed to be the little sister.

i'll get there, sooner or later.



Anavida said...

Wow. Some people have a lot of nerve. I dont understand how you can say to someone, "oh youve gained weight, or you look fat". Its fucking rude, and fucking ugly of them to point out some bs. Excuse my french, but you handled that well. Keep your skinny going girl, impossible is nothing:)

FatBitch said...

You're really smart. (!!!!) I'm going to use that line from now on - "Oh, I just eat really terribly" or "I'm always eating junk food!! It's awful!" Brilliant.

It's awesome to get support from someone in real life (even if she is a bitch. Maybe that's better - someone to get competitive with. I'm not competitive). I kind of wish I had that, but I'm really not interested in getting into it with anyone I know. I refuse to talk about food, clothes fitting/not fitting, weight, etc around anyone, family, friends.

People suck. Let's kill 'em all.

Bones said...

Seriously, weight comments of any variety are commonly known to be socially unacceptable. I'm sorry that you've had run-ins lately with people who were never taught proper social skills. You know what you should do? Slap them, right in the face, as hard as you can. But you won't. You know why? Because you have social skills. You're too good for them.

I hope that the competitive plan with your friend is helpful, I've never tried things from that angle. And I hope you get your treadmill soon! xxx

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

God i HATE it when people comment on my weight too!!! It's unbearable! You just want to slap them silly!!! Your so much better than they are! xx

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

fucking horrible. are you alright, baby? i know how it feels like when they comment on my weight and i feel like a disgusting creature that deserves to fucking die. i swear. *hugs tightly* <3
i am SO lucky that in my family i'm the tiniest. 128?! baby, i have NEVER EVEN SEEN that on the scale. maybe when i was 7 or 8...(i was in the 190's when i was 12!)
LOL you can have mine. i have a treadmill, a weight machine and a busted spinning bike (busted, but i still use it).
i'm the older, taller sister that's smaller than my sister. my sister is around 180-190 so i look small right next to her. believe me. it's the most beautiful feeling in the world. <3 can't wait until you feel it. i feel like...http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/2600000/Season-4-Promo-supernatural-2678423-1024-768.jpg <--like Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki.
bad picture. Jared's like 6'4 and Jensen is 6'1. funny because all of the ED stories are about Jensen. xP. he had weight fluctuations throughout the season!
-Sam Lupin
PSSS. Random fact: my ex was a HUGE Nightmare before Christmas fan.

Mich said...

I really don't understand why people feel it necessary to comment on someone else's weight. That's like commenting on your underwear. it's just impolite!

Hope you get your treadmill. <3

Nasimiyu said...

sounds like my family and family friends, abdolutely no PC-ness at all. they always say "omg! you're so fat now!" every time they see me, right to my face... smh

oh, i'd give anything to have my own treadmill! or treadclimber. i've been using that one in the gym recently and it burns sooo much!!

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