any day now, i'll be thin.

the world's gone mad. or at least i have.

before we get to that, here's the plan.

my mother's staying home sometime before new year's, at which point, she will pick up the treadmill. it's been a long time coming, in my opinion. hopefully, i actually get it this time. seriously. so then, after i get the treadmill, BEFORE new year's day (remember that, it's important), i spend some time with it. figure out how i'll fit it into my schedule. because on new year's day, i start the abc. brilliant, really, because 50 days into the new year will be two days before my birthday. hopefully i can do like, one hour on the treadmill in the morning and one hour on the treadmill at night. (inspired by my wonderfully thin aunt who's probably against sending my grandmother to costa rica.)

and of course i'll stick to it, because that's my birthday present to myself.

i told my mom she didn't need to get me anything for christmas because i only wanted a treadmill. and this morning i made her breakfast. just being nice to make sure she'll go through with it.

i managed to cancel the shindig at my place, thankfully. i don't want to have people eating in my house when i'm trying not to.

and now for the main part.

yesterday, all i had was tea until about 8pm. but oh, the hash browny goodness. i think i drooled on myself when i smelled them. (not really.) and then it happened. so yeah. it was like...

to add insult to injury, i asked my mom how many hash browns she wanted this morning for breakfast and she said one. MY MOTHER HAS BETTER SELF CONTROL THAN ME. [insert button smashing here, with a hint of self-directed anger.] that's shameful.

that being said, i can't wait until i get that treadmill.


any day now.

oh yeah. and i was watching "superskinny me" which, to be completely honest, went completely against the purpose of the film. if anything, it got me excited. very excited. man, when i saw louise on the treadmill and then slipping into those size double zero jeans. i was like, awww yeah. burning calories. of course, when i saw kate.....well, it wasn't as inspiring. not in the same way. just goes to show you, if you stick to it, you'll see progress. seriously, though, it was a five week experiment (or something like that.) and louise was amazing.

but yeahhh, that's not what it was for. whatever. i still like it.

now i think i'm going to.... go back to sleep. i feel all yawny and stuffs.



Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Good times ahead with the treadmill!! :D That's sweet you made your mum brekkie in bed :) I saw that show too! It was amazing!! xx

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

one hour in the morning and one hour at night? dammit. i hope so. my Mother won't let me stay on it for more than 45 minutes. :( and i'm too lazy to actually as well! gross, eh?
aweee. <3 you thin pretty little...
i always thought my Mother had more self-control than me because she can eat one biscuit and i have to inhale 56 before i can say no, but hey - not all of the time. count their other meals. we eat less.
<3 <3 love you, you whore. now I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.

-Sam Lupin

stillimagining said...

hey thanx for joining my blog:) aww its ok we all slip! I just checked out superskinny me on youtube & i think im gonna watch it teehee, i seriously need some motivation rite now. either case stay strong<3 love how all u want is a treadmill!

Bella said...

I love Superskinny me! It's super inspiring, seeing someone do what you're wanting so bad to do yourself!
I want a treadmill too! You lucky bastard :(

Don't beat yourself up about those hash browns thingies. I have no idea what it is xD
My point being, everyone slips sometimes. You just gotta get back in the game!

Stay strong love. You can do this!
Also, merry Christmas <3

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