the pied piper is not cool.

i used to think the pied piper was the coolest fictional character ever. i mean, what's cooler than a guy with a pipe saving an entire town from villainous rats?


so there goes that.

yesterday, i totally passed my final. i'm very happy about that. and then red and i (he's in that class, which made it really fun) we had a chat. turns out we both didn't register for classes yet, so we'll probably end up in the same classes again next semester. which is awesome because he's a great study buddy. (you never study, you just end up laughing a lot.) and he said if he has another party over the break, he'll let me know. which is great because his girlfriend (soon to be ex-girlfriend, muahahahahahaha) made it totally weird. the bear wouldn't come because he lives all the way out in the middle of nowhere. and the pirate said we have to hang out over the break too. but she lives all the way out in the middle of nowhere too. well, we'll see what happens.

i'll tell you how much i weigh on sunday, by the way.

speaking of sunday, it's going to be super busy. my aunts are shipping my grandmother back to costa rica. i think it's horrible. they're total witches sometimes. so they're having a farewell party for her. completely evil. i hate it. might not go. but then, i want to see my grandma. then two of my friends are leaving for college in alabama in january, so i said we could all have a great lunch kind of thing at my house. and it's too late to cancel. on the bright side, since it's my house, i can say i don't feel like eating and hopefully be left alone. (then again, my house is messy as hell so i have to spend basically every day until then cleaning up.) then later, there's a christmas party at my sister's god-mother's house. which should be awesome, because at that house, they don't care if i eat or drink. they're totally chill.

only two months left until my birthday. yay. hopefully i'll get to go somewhere... like spirit lake, iowa or something. i don't know. i just want to get out of my house for my birthday. bad things happen when i stay home on my birthday.

now i have to get to school so i can return this library book. (before it closes and they charge me three million dollars.) and i have to get ready to teach an old friend of mine how to play the guitar a little.

omigosh. how could i forget. there's this girl at my college who is cooler than like, everyone. she's a drummer. she saw me play the bass guitar at the winter concert and then she was like, "you're always saying how cool i am, but check out how cool you are." and i was totally blushing. (don't laugh at me :p) IT'S LIKE IF ALBERT EINSTEIN CAME UP TO YOU AND SAID, "i'm not a genius, you're the genius."



and then she was like, see you next semester. and my eyes got all sparkly and whatnot. i'm not going to bore you with all the details of how cool i think she is. but she's pretty freaking cool. and she's skinny. she has the coolest sense of style. [insert button smashing here] SHE'S SO COOL. (way cooler than that pied piper. definitely.)

best part: she gave me a hug. :) I LOVE HUGS.

okay, i'm done. for now, at least.



❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

coooool. i haven't heard of him though. the coolest fictional character in my eyes was something like Johnny Bravo or Stitch, from Lilo & Stitch. for the longest time i was chugging down coffee because Stitch did, and now, i'm hooked on it.
you're thinner than me. end of story.
ohhh! you're a feb child?! CUTE
i've got fourish months. April 1st. no joke.
i bet you sound AWESOME.
but pied piper is cool D< wheoever he is.


yours sexily, Sam Lupin.

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

I'm a Feb child too :D Woop! XD Glad your well, and well done on your exam! :) xx

jackie said...

hahaha you are so cute. and i think you're pretty awesome, too.

too bad about your grandma. and all those dumb parties.

Weightless said...

I can't wait to hear how much you weigh :) and awh you with all your crushes reminds me of myself when I was younger, anyone who caught my eye was secretly mine in my own head, hehe :)

FatBitch said...

Sometimes things do change. :) He might hear that song after all.

Hope things are going well over break!! It's lovely to hear from you and see updates!! Gaaah! I hate not knowing what I weigh. Should have brought my tape measure on this trip. I'm excited about your weigh-in too though. :>

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