i like to eat apples and bananas.

i love that song. it's so much fun.

so yeah, lesson learned. never eat like normal people just because they say things like, "why won't you eat?" it's not half as fun as they pretend it is. it's almost as if food is so depressing that everything else pales in comparison. (finals? didn't study? who cares, i ate breakfast this morning. that's something to worry about.) at least i've only gained like six pounds from giving in to peer pressure. it could be worse.

i've been spending a lot of time outdoors lately, to the point where i haven't had much time to eat. which is basically when i realized how much i missed not eating. (does that even make sense?) on the bright side, now everyone thinks i'm normal again. which is good. on the other hand, the year is almost over and i feel like a giant container of bleah.

yay for the school year finally being over (basically).

and can you believe i still haven't gotten that treadmill?! rawr.

now i'm going to go brush the dust off of my food diary and practice for this school concert that's happening tomorrow. gosh, can you imagine what it would look like if i had been writing in it?

so...i'm back. i missed it here. i had to keep myself really busy to stay away. at least i have darling friends who took care of me. but it's not the same. the world is quiet here.

really, nothing too out of the ordinary happened while i was away. except for me actually doing my homework and handing it in on time. it was weird.

i'll give you a proper update tomorrow. it's the least i can do after my disappearing act. x:



❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

i was wondering on and on about you! you disappeared and i felt sad. D;
six pounds from giving into eating normally is SO nothing. you'll lose them faster than ever before.
i hate breakfast. i hate, hate, hate breakfast.
funny thing: ate two bananas and an apple today. oh, peanut butter and bread too. ;P
darling, you really need to keep on working. <3
-Sam Lupin

Anonymous said...

It does make sense to miss not eating. I miss fasting. That empty, hungry, renewed, skinny feeling.

It's a good thing that people think you're back to normal. My Nona's sold on the fact fact that I'm not apparently dieting anymore. It's good because she wont worry anymore but now I have to be even more clever and secretive with losing weight.

I'm glad to see you're back <3

jackie said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!! I missed you like crazy. I seriously checked your blog every few days and kept making myself sad. I'm so happy you're back to blogging :) (is that selfish that i want you back and I'm not pushing you away to go be healthy? ah well. we're all twisted)


Christina said...

I'm so happy to see that you're back!
6 pounds isn't too bad seeing as you've been eating normally. Once you get back into things I'm sure you'll drop the weight.


Mia said...

I've missed you! You'll probably lose those 6 pounds in no time :)

Anonymous said...

I missed your posts.

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