i've seen it all.

i'm not always sure if people i meet are real. i'm used to elves slipping into my room at night and shuffling around. they're real, to me. i can see them. we talk, we argue. we joke about things. it doesn't even have to be night. i learned, when i was much younger, that there are somethings i can hear and see that other people can't. my dad thought it was cute when i was a child. looking out the backseat window, seeing a pale woman dressed in all white standing on the sidewalk. staring right at us. me, yelling, "a ghost! look!" and having the others laugh that it must be a ghost, because they couldn't see anyone. it wasn't cute anymore when i was older, hearing my name called countless times and finally responding, angrily. having my family tell me to shut up, no one was talking to me, i was losing my mind.

i generally know when people are real  but i can't always be sure. yes, i am utterly insane.

that being said, i met a real person last night. i thought she wasn't real for a while. my reasoning was that she was just too pretty. beautiful to a point of it literally being unbelievable. i was on the swings, and then she breezed down the street, into the park, and onto the swing next to me. and then we were swinging together. it was all very lovely. and then, even though led zepplin was blasting in my headphones, i heard her softly say, "excuse me." to me. with something dangling from her open hand. it was all pretty odd.

long story short, a total stranger--  a totally beautiful stranger-- gave me her necklace. seriously. right off her neck. her scent was still on it. (yes, her scent. i've got a keen sense of smell.) i told her it wasn't mine, because i thought she was trying to return something to me, but she said, no, it was a present for me. i think i was just so elated that this creature noticed me (in spite of my monstrously round thighs) that i accepted it as if it were completely normal. we talked for a bit. and then she left.

i kept playing with the necklace on my way back home, because maybe it was a total pumpkin carriage. maybe it was going to disappear as soon as i returned to reality. maybe deep down, i was lonely and my mind created this person to cheer me up. but it was still there, in my hand. i put it on, showed my sister. she saw it. so my only conclusion was that yes, during one of my mentally stable moments in life, something completely weird and unbelievable happened.

i don't know why she gave it to me, or if i'd see her again. but it's an odd thing to do, isn't it? to give someone your necklace for no apparent reason. especially one that says me, you, and love. i don't know what to think. i didn't get much sleep over this. i hate when little/big things throw my brain into a frenzy. i'm wearing it, obviously, because it's cute. i mean, i think i have an idea of why someone would do something like that. but it seems pretty unlikely, to me. i'm so confused.

i'm glad i at least know i'm not completely insane yet. my life makes no sense.



Bella said...

That's amazing! I hope you see her again one day. It'd be driving me bonkers trying to figure out why she gave it to you.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

you haven't seen my pussy yet so (and yes im talking about my vagina)
want a look?
i suck.
punch your family in the face ok
that girl. is she me (yes yes i had to say it)
sounds like a scene from a novel!! xo
i want someone to give me a necklace just randomly like that
especially if she was bangable

-Sam Lupin

Nona Namaste said...

That's really amazing! It's those moments when someone is just so incredibly kind and beautiful and real that remind me to keep faith in humanity, and not fall too far down the rabbit hole.

I've seen and heard 'ghosts', shadows, things since I was a child as well. I don't think I ever talked about them, or if I did, my parents never told me about it. But those things exist. It's nice to hear someone else admit that, too.

Rowan said...

Sounds like a lovely encounter.

I hope, as always, that you are well. xx

Jax said...

What does it look like? Did she say her name?

that is so amazing!!

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