playfully troublesome.

oh. my. gosh.

last week, this fucking beautiful roguishly handsome young man struck up a conversation with me. we had been waving to each other and exchanging high fives in the hallway for weeks before this moment, which i like to think of as the great conjunction. (it sounds very dramatic.) 

i saw him passing with one of his companions, so i waved and said hi. this is what we normally do; this is what i did. that's when he told his friend to go wherever and came and sat down with me and my friend. of course, my friend is amazingly oblivious to life, so she was no help. i got nervous. i told him he had a weird facial expression. he took it in good humor and somehow kept trying to keep the conversation going. then he was like, so what are you doing at twelve? and i said, nothing, why? to which he responded, do you wanna grab lunch? confused, i naturally responded with i'm vegan. (which is neither a yes or a no, for the record.) he said he didn't know what to say to that. i considered saying yes. then i saw this creepy dude who likes to come up to me and hug me, stand around awkwardly for several minutes after the hug, and then shuffle off, only to reappear a few minutes later. naturally, i had to hide. so i told this amazingly gorgeous creature to sit and wait for me while i hid in some far away corner.

when i came back he was gone. 


(but he told my friend to tell me he said bye.)

i didn't see him again for the rest of the week. (which was truly odd, all things considered.) this morning, though, i woke up and i told myself i was going to see him or someone was going to suffer. and you know what? i saw him. i gave him a hug as he was on his way to class. he decided to hang out with me since his teacher was late. we loitered in the hallway, playing a game known as conversation. i told him i figured out what the look on his face was. it's mischievous. he said that could be a bad thing. i told him perhaps, but not in his case. he asked me what i liked to do for fun. i said stuff. then i asked him what he liked to do for fun. he said stuff. i'm not making this easy for myself.

it's not that i want to make things difficult. it's just what i do. but he intrigues me and my curiosity has trapped me. if he was the only one who fascinated me, that would make my life a lot less complicated. but i seem to be flirting with everyone these days, age be damned. but out of all the others, he fascinates me the most. so that's good for him.

anyway, i'll hopefully see this boy tomorrow (let's call him puck for now) so i can get more hugs. his hugs are amazing. and so is his face. and his eyes. especially his eyes. where do all these attractive people come from? how is their existence even possible? how was i not blinded from looking directly at him for so long?

i just don't understand.



Faye said...

Damn girl, I say... get it!!! Find some place that has awesome vegan offerings on the menu and tell him you're nervous going somewhere new alone... perhaps he would make you feel more at home?
Ah, I have a devious mind, but... he does sound charming. What color are those puckish eyes? You used the word "amazing", and now I'm curious.

A good hug is an important trait to find in a man. I'd love to hear how it goes... please keep the dirt coming!!! :3

Ashley Nichole said...

Hugs are wonderful, and he seems to have found a special place in your fascination.

Jax said...

mmmm handsome men. summer romance???? you have to keep seeing him! and not turn him down for a lunch date next time he asks!!!!

Bella said...

Aww yesss, this is adorable. So awkward, so tense. He sounds fascinating. Maybe have a think of some vegan-friendly lunch places to suggest if he asks again next time, or maybe you could ask him to lunch?
'Stuff'. I love it! 'So... you like... stuff?'
Keep us updated sweets. Lots of love <3 xx

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