if you're quite finished, i'd like to get on with my life.

if you've seen the dark crystal you'll completely understand everything i'm about to say.

water bear is like chamberlain skeksis. it's quite obnoxious.

"people take different amounts of time to do things. so stop being a dick about how you can do some things better than other people. HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD OF HUMILITY? OR PEACE AND QUIET? everyone has strengths and weaknesses. there are some things you can't do, and people don't act like dicks because you can't, so stop being a dick to other people. give the world that respect." that's what i would say, if i was still hanging out with her. i made the mistake of being happy to see her yesterday, and i was solving a puzzle when i ran up to say hi. she was watching me, and she kept making these annoying sounds. 

since i know her so well, i know there are only two times she uses sounds to communicate.

the first sound means, "wow. i could do that. why are you taking so long? this is really bothering me. are you stupid?" 

and the second sound means, "i'm tired of waiting, could you please hurry up?" luckily, with the second sound, if you wait long enough she'll just say it. but the first one stays non-verbal FOREVER.

literally forever.

it's like this.

it sounds nothing like that. but it might as well. she's way more annoying. it's the puppet version of what she does.

my only problem is that i don't want to be a bitch.although secretly, late at night, i'll talk to myself in violent tones about my problems with people who take advantage of my personality. but that's also my fault. she wants to hang out over spring break. 


i'm joking. we'll hang out only if i break both of my legs, shave my head, and/or find cat vomit on my bed. i wouldn't hold my breath if i was her.

i hope this doesn't make me sound like a bad person. there are many forms of arrogance i can stand. this is the only kind that irritates me. i guess i still want to be her friend (from a distance), but not really. she tires me. 

she's like some kind of joy-sucking chupacabra. even if i don't hang out with anyone next week, i'll be sure to  stay home and hide under my bed until she goes away.

i don't think she understands the core concept of a friendship. it's not about having people around you who'll do what you want. and if that's what it means to her, then i'd rather not be her friend (by that definition.) i'd rather have chamberlain skeksis following me around whimpering all day. and that's saying a lot.

i'm sorry you had to sit through my little bitch session. but i don't want to go to school today with that on my mind and have it fly out of my obviously unstable mind. 



Tempest said...

I think I adore you just because you mentioned the Dark Crystal :) We all have things we just don't want in the people around us (I have trouble being friends with people who are exaggerators/casual liars. I don't want to question everything that comes out of your mouth), there's nothing wrong with that.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

oh time to bitch about people awwww yeah
shit yes i know
the sounds i make when i see pizza is as following
then the other one is like this 'COME WHAT MAY I WILL LOVE YOU UNTIL MY DYING DAy'
see im always in conflict i don't want to be a bitch but i hate everyone and nobody can measure up to my brilliance but at the same time i think im shit
i also like certain types of arrogance NOT ARROGANT LIKE R IS ARROGANT and thinks she's the best thing since fucking peanut butter (you can take that as 'curse word - peanut butter' or 'having intercourse with the presence of peanut butter')
-Sam Lupin

Rayya said...

Lol your bitch sessions make me smile.. And seriously you don't have to hang around with her if she annoys you that much - love you and thank you for the birthday wishes! Woohoo we a awesome Pisces, lol must be why I adore you too and just laugh out loud with every sentence you write! Xx

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