when you feel so mad that you wanna roar.

(before i start this long and emotionally charged post, let me just say that puck is still a blip on the proverbial radar. and the only bright spot of this crappy day. that being said, you may proceed.)

yesterday morning, my supervisor, the other intern and i were all sitting around. i thought we were all having a conversation. i was wrong. it's either that or my supervisor was being an ass. every time i said something, he would interrupt or just look and me and continue as if i hadn't said a word. that happened like, five times. so you know what i did? i stopped talking and i focused on the crossword. then they started talking about who was doing what, which groups the other intern and i should do together. then he asked her if she wanted to work with an individual. she happened to choose the same person i wanted to work with. the difference is that i put this in a log that i wrote last week. i wrote something like i think this person is really interesting and i'd love to work with her individually. and he wrote some comment on it like, let's see if we can set that up. so obviously, when she said that, i assumed he'd say, well actually, she's been chosen already. but no. he bitched out. he looked at me and said you two can fight over her.

um, do your fucking job, sir. that's not even funny.

so i said she could do it. one, because i didn't give one fifth of a half eaten shit. and two, because the fact that he had asked only her which person she'd like to work with individually meant that he didn't really give a fuck about my choice anyway. and then i kept doing the crossword. and he was saying some shit that i don't give a fuck about and he looks at me again and says, don't detach or some shit like that.

don't detach? maybe when you stop being a dick i'll start listening to you again.

and then later, i get a text from my newlywed companion (from over the summer) saying that the stupid girl-- you know, the one i apparently offended while i was drunk (also from over the summer)-- wanted her to ask me if i could take care of her cat (or find someone else to) because she's leaving the country in a few days. my heart goes out to this cat. it's old and it's stupid. not unlike its owner. first of all, i live with my mother-- or to be painfully technical about it, in my mother's house-- as do most of my friends, so there was no way i was going to say it was cool with me. second, that bitch has my number. just ask me directly. if i don't like you, it's not like my response is going to be any different if you ask someone else to ask me. you're still the person on the other end. third, both of them haven't spoken to me since the wedding. (not unlike the way it had been before the wedding.) so forgive me for not giving a fuck but her cat can go to hell for all i care.

standing in the closet during lunch break, i read this text like three times before laughing outrageously. i guess i just enjoy life more when it's either completely good or completely bad. or in this case, completely stupid. naturally, i was polite about the whole thing and explained the situation. don't say thanks for trying or even okay or anything, guys. because that would make me think that you had some sort of decency, which we all know is bullshit.

at least i'm still somewhat amused. if i ever get to the point where i'm totally upset, i'm probably going to yell at my supervisor. excuse me sir. please stop spraying your cock flavored spit all over my face. and kindly go fuck yourself. he's so lucky he's my supervisor. fucking politics. i hate it.

this is why i'm an anarchist.



Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Some people just need telling!! Unfortunately sometimes we have to keep silent. Which sucks! But just destroy him in your head, that'll help! And as for this girl asking you through a third party to look after her cat? How cowardly!....Hope you're doing ok hunni xx

Bella said...

Your supervisor sounds like a total ass. Could you bring his attitude up with a superior?
It's a bit pathetic that that girl can't even talk to you directly. I mean, it's her cat for gods sake, you think she'd put a bit more effort into finding it a good home.
Hope you're doing okay <3


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