dream brother.

today is jeff buckley's birthday.

happy fucking birthday, jeff. 

yesterday i told waterbear, with no doubt in my mind, that today would be the fucking best day ever. and you know what? today was the fucking best day ever. i'll walk you through it. (chronologically.)

woke up super early and was just immediately in an awesome mood. realized it was raining, which is perfect for jeff's birthday. jammed to a bunch of my old 90s songs. (destiny's child, anyone?) left at just the right moment so i didn't have to stand at the bus stop too long. caught my train as soon as i got to the station. bought the paper at a deli, where i got a free coffee for asking the owner how he was doing. or for just being adorable. (haha, as if.) got to my internship site amazingly early and ran into the hot radiology tech guy who always says hi to me. (spoiler: he said hi to me. we even had a conversation.) made faces at a psychiatrist and social worker during the morning meeting. they made faces back. wrote a song with a rambling psych client. had the psychiatrist from earlier sing and dance for me during lunch break. (he played the tremeloes, little tony, and fucking adriano celentano. then he sang ta ra ta ta and danced. it was amazing.) i cheered up a depressed client and bonded with him. did all my work on the unit. had a moment with the social worker from earlier-- not unlike one i had with puck months ago, with the high five turning into a weird hand-holdy thing-- where he asked me why i hadn't been to a party that one of the psychiatrists had over the weekend (answer: i wasn't invited), asked me where i lived (which i again, answered), and then asked me if i wanted to come to his studio (answer: hell fucking yeah.) then i told my supervisor about a song i wrote (featuring an aforementioned dead bird). he was totally amazed. (although that could be because of the amount of energy i have today.) then i came home, singing grace by jeff buckley at the top of my lungs. and it sounded awesome. and on my bed, waiting for me, was a twenty ounce can of red bull.

today was the fucking best day ever.

nothing went wrong. (the rarity of this sentence coming from me makes today that much better.)

it's all because it was jeff's birthday. i'm gonna try to stretch this magic out to the rest of the week.

and my fucking horoscope today said eliminate negativity and stay positive and my quote for today was from jeff (obviously) and it goes be the best. no negativity. no weakness. no acquiescence to fear or disaster. no errors of ignorance. no evasion to reality. it was like the exact same thing basically. i knew from the moment i saw it that everything was going to be amazing.

cherry on top? the day's not over yet.

add the fact that i get to see puck tomorrow and you know i'm going to have fun this week. it might not be because of jeff's birthday. it might just be mania but either way it's going to be tons of fun.


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Ashley Nichole said...

I'm glad your day went well. Sometimes I don't know if mindset can change the whole day around, but today was a day where mindset didn't hurt!

<3 <3 <3

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