baby food, anyone?

yesterday was awesome.

yesterday, banana and i  were hanging out, playing our guitars and stuff. then we went to a supermarket. she wanted to buy some fruits. (i know, right?) anyway, i was telling her about how much i enjoy baby food now. it's good stuff. so while she was off getting fruits and whatnot, i was in the baby food aisle. note: strawberry banana-- best flavor. so i ate a banana, an apple and sucked on a few lollipops yesterday. it was awesome.

i drank about eighty percent of a bottle of coconut rum on my birthday. and then i went to school the next day. it was pretty fun. i came home, a little buzzed (my tolerance level is insane.) only to discover that my sister moved back in with me and my mom. i've never seen her weigh more than ninety five pounds. it's totally motivating. the only downside is that she's a total bitch and really controlling. but she's family, so i accept it.

i don't have much time right now since i'm totally late for class, but i'm probably going to spend my free time blog reading later. 

okay, i'd better go before my sister finds out what time i'm supposed to leave..



Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Daily thinspo right there! :)Hopefully she will motivate you :) But put her in her place if she's too controlling! xx

Anonymous said...

sending love, darling.

Christina said...

This whole baby food idea is beginning to sound really good. I wish I could get away with it. I hope that your sister moving back in wont be too much of a hassle but I'm sure you'll be fine.


❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

i just read the 'things i love' bit. what? you don't love me?
i am such a whore.
banana. >_<
ohhhhhhh. i've actually - well, in my fam, the only one that's really thin weighs about 103lbs and she's a lot like me. so i'm hoping that i share that aspect with her as well x) but some of her clothes do fit me and she did give them to me.
fucking insanity. the jeans of a 103lb female shouldn't even fit a 150-151lb chick. fuck.
i love you.
-Sam Lupin

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