mission accomplished.

who went to the store and bought laxatives today?

that's right.

i feel like i owe you all an explanation. you know how when you're kinda.... jealous of someone, everything about them is instantly a negative? EVEN IF IT'S SOMETHING YOU HAVE IN COMMON WITH THEM? yeah. that's how it is.

hey, i'm not proud of it. but if it makes me feel better, i'll insult everything about her. and also if it makes me feel better, i'll totally flirt with her boyfriend. and guess what? he'll flirt with me, because i make him happier than she does. and because as my best friend, he's obligated to not make it awkward, ever. no matter what i say. if they last until may, i'll be surprised and disgusted. as well as unhappy.







SkinnyNinny said...

just be careful with the laxatives sweetie. Too much of them can do some serious damage to your digestive track and cause leakage. Which is nasty lol. read that in a nutrition book. hope things get better.
xx SN

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Try not to take too many laxatives :( They can cause a lot of damage :( I hope you had a nice birthday! Enjoy yourself :) xx

Fat Piggy said...

AHHHH I hate situations like that. Totally understand. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY! Xo

Anonymous said...

I remember buying laxatives for the first time. I felt like such a fucking rebel.
Happy birthday! I hope its absolutely amazing! :)

William said...

Not to be redundant but just be careful with the laxatives. ;) And thank you for your comments. :) It's funny, I kind of have a similar affliction when it comes to romantic type things. If I know a girl with a boyfriend that's not what they deserve I'm so compelled to prove to them how much better a boy can be. I don't even have to be interested in the girl I just want to prove at I'm better than their dick boyfriend. It's kind of fucked up. :/ Part of me thinks I'm just some self centered narcissist but part of me likes to think I want the girls to know they deserve better. But who knows? :P

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

happy early birthday you bitch.
you're a Feb chick, eh? i always felt like you were one.
i feel like you're a Pisces (don't know what month is that). i don't know why.
and gaaaaaaah laxxie attack!
-Sam Lupin

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