tell me it's not the same.

yesterday started off great. i woke up, had some peaches (baby food style) for breakfast and got to school just in time for my second class. then right before my third class, my friend wanted some food (she's giving up smoking for lent) and i took her down the street from our college. so we got food. i ordered fries and she got like, chicken and rice with something. we got back to school, sat down and started eating.

so i'm sitting there, nibbling at the fries and wondering how much i'm going to eat. ideally, it would be like, nothing. but it was too late for that. so we're chatting and eating and then she reaches over and takes one french fry.

just one.

but for some reason, that really pissed me off. i mean, you have food in front of you that i can't eat. just because i've got something you can eat doesn't mean you have to. and she didn't even ask. so i got angry. this probably sounds really irrational, but i really hate when people do stuff like that. my mom and i actually got into a huge fight when i first became vegan because she would eat my veggie burgers and i was like, i can't eat the stuff you eat, can't you just leave my food alone? (i ended up winning that battle but at this point, it doesn't matter either way.) that wasn't even the issue yesterday. i just didn't want her touching my food.

oh, and she triple dipped in my ketchup. so it was on.

i picked up the ketchup and i squeezed it on her food. and she was like, "what the fuck? are you serious? did you really just do that?" and i said "yeah, i did. so what?" and then she made this whole comparison where her taking a fry was like a slap on the wrist but me putting ketchup on her food is like a punch in the face. well, funny thing about that is, to me, me putting ketchup on her food was like a slap on the wrist, but her stealing a fry was like a punch in the face. (i ended up throwing it out.) she wouldn't shut up about it after. i asked her why she couldn't just scrape the ketchup off. she said if she wanted ketchup on her rice, she would have put it there, but she didn't. i felt like, if i wanted to share my fries with her, i would have offered. i don't know. it just pissed me off. but i got over it. after i threw the fries out.

i was a little happy because in my head, i had a great excuse for not eating anything else. but on the other hand, it really irritated me. you know, since i paid money for it and all. i know it probably sounds kind of silly, but it wasn't. at least, not to me, yesterday.

i don't know. anyway, i'm hungry right now. so i'm going to take a fifteen minute nap. and when i wake up, i'm going to drink some water.

because food causes more problems than it's worth.



❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

mental note: never take anything from you, missinsanity. <3
you're as adorable as frick, <3.
ewww ketchup.
babe, i don't ever want to have lunch with you...but then again...maybe just you. i love you so much i might be able to tolerate you. <3
babe, you are just like my Father. seriously. i throw away money like it's made out of trees.
well, technically, paper from tree = money.
the hell is water?
-Sam Lupin
PS. <3 fucking baby food.

Emma Phoenix said...

I know exactly how you feel, it's just rude to take someone else's food without asking and then to tripple dip in their ketchup is just nasty. Good for you for standing up to your friend about it because that's just gross

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