awkward turtle.

that would be me. right now.

so i'm sitting in school typing this, feels kinda risky. i rejected that kid and his response was "just so you know, i really like you." i got over it. he will eventually. i returned his hoodie, only to discover...

i left my wallet in his car.

so i guess i'll get it back tomorrow, because i really don't want to be here and i have to do some homework right now.

i haven't eaten yet! just chewing gum, took some medicine type things.

and now i gotta stop because people keep looking over my shoulder. i guess i'll do a proper update later...





GemDrop said...

You ain't having much luck are you?
Chewing gum makes my belly rumble really loudly. But yay for you!

Take Care

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Gum is great but Gemdrop is right, it does make your stomach rumble alot! xx

Gun_Metal_Barbie said...

ah i hate that!!! when people are all up in your shit and you just want to be left alone to blog!!

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

babe. your life sucks. :D
:3 and yes. yes. duuude. everyone looks over your shoulder. i was once reading SLASH. as in GAY SEX. on that thing and i so, so, so FUCKING REGRET IT. because one of my friends that doesn't know i read slash caught me.
duuuuuuuuude. nightmare.
-Sam Lupin

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