you know archie comics? i love those. i used to spend all my money on archie comics and a bottle of ginger ale, then i'd just read them over and over and over and over. so yesterday i decided to buy one. just for old time's sake. i didn't realize how much i missed it. 

all week i've been thinking about when i was younger. (like junior high to junior year of high school.) i was just thinking about how i used to buy a lot of candy and eat it all day. at least in high school i was always running around, and i always shared with other people. but i remember this guy in my english class, junior year. coolest guy i knew back then. one day he was just like, "you eat candy like, every day. how are you not fat? i swear, if i ate as much candy as you, i'd gain like twenty pounds." at the time, i really didn't care. of course, i was also wearing dog collars to school and giving free tarot card readings, so i didn't really care about much. but just thinking back to that, i cut back on candy really quickly. even last semester, i always had a lollipop, even if i wasn't eating it. now sugar scares me.

yesterday, i was watching this silly video with owl girl and it was like, a musical activity. so you're supposed to stand up and like, dance and whatever. there was this horribly fat girl in the video who stayed seated for the entire song. and owl girl was like, "ugh, check out that fat girl." suddenly, i was really happy i hadn't eaten yet. and later in the day, i was sitting with my friend and we were talking about-- well, she was talking about-- dieting. and i was like, "what, do you want twig legs or something?" and then this really cool girl popped up out of nowhere and she had dreads and she said she was visiting a friend and she was from california and she was just like jmjnjbhydzsdf SO COOL. and my friend goes, "well, yeah. like that girl." (i found out that girl's name was tuesday. made me think of a series of unfortunate events.) 


okay, jughead. archie comics. yes. jughead eats like a monster. he has a food obsession. but he's amazingly skinny. absolutely love him.


now i have nothing to say about him. damn it. 

WHATEVER. he's awesome. check him out.

ah, i'm going running with the pirate today. (afternoon, sometime. maybe.) i'd rather ride a stationary bike in the fitness center, though. i don't want to get all sweaty before my other classes. but whatever. i feel more motivated to actually get toned instead of just losing weight. (and i can't even do yoga in the living room anymore, 'cause my sister is always watching tv.) i know the pirate keeps telling people she thinks she's fat and she wants to lose forty pounds. (and i guess, i keep telling you guys that...) so i figure, at the very least, she could use an exercising buddy. and we're gonna play at a few open mics soon. i don't know.

i still have absolutely no motivation to do anything, but at least i'm showering regularly. (seriously. no joke.)

i wrote on my mirror in dry erase, my weight goal and thinspo quotes. my sister saw it, i think. and my mom. i don't think they care anymore. cheers! speaking of weight, i'm still one-twenty five, even though i haven't been eating. it's probably because i haven't been moving much either. or drinking enough water. (lame.)

i can't wait to get back to one hundred and seventeen pounds. that was fun.

oh, i remember now. i wish i had jughead's metabolism.



Weightless said...

I want to get back to 117 too :(

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

ahahaha. no, i don't know them sadly enough :(. are they good?

ahahahahaha. i actually lived in a house where dieting is something...like...obsessive. and i ballooned because i sneaked in food all the time. right now, candy is available to me all the time because to them, i'm pretty "thin". lies.

a lot of characters i write about have a food obsession and are thin. but they have some kind of food allergy they keep indulging in. or some weird quirk.

does everyone you know want to lose weight?!

ahahahahaha. i want to shower right now. but my stomach hurt so bad that i'm just gonna lay down here. i am seriously like addicted to showering right now. if i don't shower for a day, i get all pusedo-obsessive about showering the next day.

...you mean drinking nearly 3 litres of water in one day.

117lbs. ahahaha. i don't think i'd see that on my scale anytime soon. i'd die on the inside if i see 147. shit. wow. 147 is like huge for me. it means i finally touched below 150. shit. that doesn't happen.


oh. and we all wish we had jughead's metabolism.

-Sam Lupin

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