deception's roots run deep.

i didn't sleep last night. at all.

i have no idea what i'm running on right now.

aside from one ten minute nap, i haven't had any rest today.

despite my lack of sleep, i went to my little cousin's recital. i didn't see her play, because i got there a bit late. but i did find out what a great actress i am.

"i'm too tired to eat, really. i feel like i'll be sick if i do." they almost believed that one. the people i was with. but in the end, they gave me a cup of fruits inside another cup and insisted i eat. so i did the only thing i could do. i took the empty cup, transferred some fruits into it, and hid the other cup in my bag. they really thought i ate it. and just to be sure i didn't have to eat anything else, i played the role of the sleep deprived child. yawns, teary eyes, and dull stares at my surroundings. i was really just going to my happy place. deep inside my mind. i had to. i've never liked the sound of other people chewing. i doubt i ever will. it's a bit gross. (chew all you want, but if i can hear your mouth opening and closing... please stop. please.)

threw out the leftovers of the fake cup of fruit at the place where the recital was. threw out the real cup of fruit when i got home. i had to keep up the tired act when i got home, just in case my aunt called to see how i was doing.

so i lied. i lied all day, the whole time i was with my aunt, so i wouldn't have to eat with her. "i had a huge breakfast." "i already have my dinner ready for tonight; it's at home." "i'm too tired to eat."

for someone who values the truth so much, it turns out i'm an amazing liar when i need/want/have to be.



ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

if i had that little sleep i would literally be crying right now
with the depression, the more sleep i get the better!
shhhhhhh. i literally do get too tired to eat! little evil missinsanity. when i use that one, i literally mean it!
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i'm all dull stares and teary eyes when i do not sleep. omg i actually value my sleep so much. if i'm sleepy, i would not eat just because if i do, it takes the edge off my sleepiness and i'd rather sleep than eat.
"i'm a good liar."
i love you.

-Sam Lupin

Rowan said...

Hah. Aren't we all. Sometimes I find that I believe my own lies. xx

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