do you have any idea how much i love dictionaries? i love defining things. for example:

the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. 

anyway, i've decided, as of five minutes ago, i no longer wish to be defined as an adult. when i ask some of my younger associates (i.e. the tar pits of my existence) if they consider me an adult, they say, duh. what are you, from planet estupido? of course you're an adult. at which point, i immediately start to sulk and slink away. but if you ask the other adults if they consider me an adult, they'll pause long enough for it to be uncomfortable, maybe cough a little, and then say, well... well now... of course you're adult. but then they treat me like i'm a child. (actually, the children treat me like i'm a child too.) if you had asked me more than five minutes ago, i would've said, well, gee, i've been a child as long as i can remember. i don't see any sense in changing that now. yup, i guess i'm a child. not that you would ask. (actually, i said that in class once and everyone laughed, but i was quite serious.)

most people consider these things to be obvious.

most people are wrong. [insert angry facial expression here.]

i can't be classified as an adult. adults tend to get into this mindset where they're not inclined to do certain things because they aren't children anymore. (poop on that.) i don't think i'll stop playing with play-doh any time soon. or stop watching sesame street or stop sleeping with my teddy bears. that being said, i also can't reallly be classified as a child, because i don't really want to associate myself with those.... creatures any longer. they really can be quite frightening. (ugh. just thinking about that baby from over the summer... sends shivers down my spine.)

therefore, i must be an adolescent, which means i'm neither here nor there during an indeterminable amount of time. a transitional stage for the indefinite future. stuck in the middle... until the cows come home. whatever. you get the point.

maybe after i graduate from college, i'll rethink this. for now, i like it.



Jax said...

I love being an adult. It kinda sucks cause of taxes and jury duty and all that shit, but the rest of it is great. I can buy cigarettes and sign a lease and hide medical records from my dad. But I get why you wouldn't want to be one yet. It has such a boring tone to it. Like once you get labelled "adult" you're no longer allowed to use the crayons in a restaurant.

I'm reading "The Passion of Alice" right now, it's by Stephanie Grant. It's okay, but nothing spectacular. I read "Life-Size" by Jen Shute, and that was amazing. I read Life-Size because you suggested it, do you have any other good books to recommend?

Have fun being an adolescent, it's a great age to be. But then, any age can be great given the right mindset and a bit of luck.

xx-- jax

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeey bby
i'm late saying happy new year as well. sort of slid past me and ran through and through!
i will show those carbs whose boss, considering they're destroying me cry cry cry
-evaporates into water-

-Sam Lupin
PS. loveeeeeeeeeeeee you <3

Bella said...

I love dictionaries. I look up at least 10 words a day, just to make sure they mean what I thought they meant, or to find antonyms.
I'm also in love with etymology, the history behind them and why words are what they are.

I feel like I'm somewhere between a child and an adult too, though 'adolescent' doesn't quite fit. I'll never give up my teddy bear and sometimes I feel my emotional maturity is that of a 10 year old, but I need cigarettes and I love good wine, but I also fear responsibility, so I'm neither a child or adolescent or adult, or maybe I'm all of them.

Take care sweets xx

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