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as of tomorrow, i'll have had jury duty for two weeks. it's funny, jax, because that's one of the reasons i don't dig the whole "adulthood" situation. (and you just happened to mention it.) i don't completely hate jury duty. i'm getting forty dollars for each day i successfully drag myself out of bed and sit in a courthouse for hours, doing nothing but reading books and people watching. not high on the list of dream jobs, but not necessarily a complete nightmare.

i actually think yesterday might have been my last day going to the courthouse. only had to show up in person three times so far. my feelings about jury duty went something like this.

night before day one: ugh, this sucks. i don't even know where this stupid courthouse is. stupid requirements. stupid law.

day one: who are these weirdos... why is that guy looking at me.... i wish i could text my friends... i wish i had something to do... i hope i never have to come here again.

night before day two: not again!

day two: there's that creepy guy from last time... why is he stretching on the floor... why is that old dude so ripped... is someone snoring... what's that weird smell... did that lady honestly just say "i think you might have a situation in the bathroom"... why are all these people talking to me... i just wanna go home...

night before day three: here we go again...

day three: haha, i'm like a veteran at this... hey security guard dude! haha, yeah, i know, hand in my cellphone. see you 'round, pete! hey creepy guy! haha, yeah, it's me again. don't pull your hamstring, baby! hey, spicy asian man. what's shakin, bro? yeah. jury duty. what? it's over already? aw, darn. see you guys around, hm? yeah... haha. good times.

once you get used to sitting around doing nothing, it's surprisingly easy. reminds me a lot of college. the only difference is i'm getting money, instead of losing money. and it forces me to remain a part of society, which is also just like college. but it's so cold outside, i don't feel like it at the moment. cold and bright. never liked that combination. hazel-rah and i were talking last night, and he told me i need to learn how to swim, at which point i said i'd stay indoors forever. (or at least until school started.) and then he said, "you could get a rash from not moving enough. or even worse, fat!  you don't want to look like your sister, do you?" obviously, here, he means the half sister who gained fifty pounds, and not the one that barely grazes one hundred pounds on a bad day.

chilling words.

of course, none of that will be enough to get me out of this house today. nothing short of jury duty will get me out of bed until school starts. (actually, make that jury duty and other semi-required obligations.) my friend wanted to hang out at eight-thirty today. what is she, crazy? the sun is barely simmering then. plus, it's not like she's paying me. (maybe if it was warmer, i'd waive the fee...)

she could learn a thing or two about motivating people from jury duty.



ascendancy. said...

It always hits a special nerve when guys mention my weight... literally a wave of nausea just crashes into me. It doesn't really matter what they say even. Just the fact they've thought about it enough to bring it up in some way.

It's always so awkward.


Glad jury duty went well! Yay money!! I might have a housesitting gig in a couple weeks... which will be awesome. Seeing as my job doesn't start for another month. -_-

Much Love


Jax said...

Ouch. Sorry about jury duty. I've been called to do jury duty once, but I wormed my way out of it, I said I no longer lived in the state. Which was half true. And hey, like you said, at least it's forty bucks.

It's amazing that your two sisters have such huge ranges in their weight. Obviously though, everyone wants to be the thinnest. It's such an awful competition, but it's really hard not to play.

As for the books- I love fiction, especially historical fiction. But really, I love anything that has a narrator I can relate to or enjoy. They have to have a clear voice. Anyway, I know you have good taste.


Fat Piggy said...

Urgh, you've got THOSE sisters. -_-
They are right though, you do need to learn to swim, I mean what would you do in the event of an emergency plane landing!?

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i don't get jury duty. mostly because we don't have to do it here. huzzah. i'd be confused.
situation in the bathroom omg
"They are right though, you do need to learn to swim, I mean what would you do in the event of an emergency plane landing!?" hush FP i can't swim to save my life.
im cold as well.
the cold invites you to do nothing at all all day tho

-Sam Lupin

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