less than.

i'm going to at this conference/convention thing for the weekend. first of all, it really sucks because i don't totally want to be around the people i'm going with. second, i'm trying to figure out how i'll be able to avoid hotel food while i'm sharing a hotel room. (so far, not good.) third, i'm irritated because of leftover issues from yesterday and the fact that the people who are were supposed to be here about 45 minutes ago are not here, and still haven't arrived.

i'm supposed to be at this convention thing in the next forty minutes, and i know we won't get there in that amount of time. and i still have to put my stuff in my hotel room. i hate unreliable people.

so this leftover irritation from yesterday. what does it consist of? let's start with a little one.

1. the fact that crush # 4 forgot my name over the break. never mind the fact that it was only mentioned once, during the one conversation we had. i remembered his name. you think he'd have the decency to remember mine. (this being said, i forget people's names all the time, so i'll probably forgive him in the next two hours.) but the irritating thing isn't that he forgot my name. it's that he forgot my name and then when he tried to say hi to me later, i brushed him off because i was annoyed that he forgot my name. so i guess it is because he forgot my name. (again, this being said, people i've known for years don't even remember my name sometimes.)

2. because i'm insane, my mask of sanity slipped big time yesterday. and this girl was sitting in this building on campus, giving me a look that obviously said, someone please get this girl away from me, with her madness and explosive energy. what is she, psychotic? WELL YEAH. and i don't like her face. it's like she's in permanent bitch mode.

3. i lost my jacket. the jacket waterbear gave me the first time we hung out. it's got memories. i need to find it. one way or another.

4. there are birds of doom outside my window. crows. nothing good ever happens when i see crows before i go somewhere. usually i only see one.

5. these two girls keep bad mouthing owl girl whether or not i'm around them, and i hate that. she's my friend and i need to release some of this irritation. i'm thinking... cat fight 2014. (cat fight happens once a year, where i stop being nice and tell people what i really think. usually i feel so bad afterwards that it never happens again. but once a year is good. there's also bitch fest, which happens once a year, but is more of my mother and sister arguing while i sing the bitch fest theme song in my room. loudly.)

there's more, but those are the worst ones. well, the fourth one is from this morning, but the others are from yesterday.

so some of this, i edited just now. i wrote most of it earlier, but then those people arrived and i ended up having to shut my computer down so i could stuff it in my bag. because i had to  finish this post. gotta update. no slacking.

packed some emergency laxies, and diet pills. only ate the salad and a bit of bread for lunch earlier. turned everything else down. just salad would've been better, but i don't want the pressure to start on the first day.

now i'm in my room (i'm only sharing with one other person, thank fuck) and these two boys are in here hanging out. one of them i'm pretty close with (way younger than me, don't get any ideas) and the other one is new, and he's just attached to me and this girl. let's call her esmeralda because she just mentioned the hunchback of notre dame. and she'll probably pop up a lot, since i've known her for years, and i've been hanging out with her again.

i'm like, manic. and i just went on a kleptomania spree with esmeralda and one of the guys. we've been stealing from housekeeping carts all day. i've got enough scope for the rest of the month. which is good, because i value mouthwash. we'll be stealing more tomorrow. we also stole a bottle of water, because five dollars for a bottle is ridiculous. (a liter? come on.)

anyway, i can't type too long, or someone's gonna be like, "whatcha doin?" you know how nosy people are.

i didn't really say much. but it's good to update every once in a  while, right?

it's only right.



Bella said...

Oh, how fun.
I'm awful at remembering names. Even when I *know* someone's name, I avoid using it when talking to them just incase it's wrong. Still, it sucks. I like the idea of cat fight 2014. It's better than keeping it all bottled up.
Speaking of bottled, bottled water is ridiculously fucking expensive. It'd be cheaper to drink gasoline (though obviously that's not a good idea).

Good luck with the rest of the weekend. Take care lovely <3 xx

Ashley Nichole said...

Awe, please don't feel like a maniac because you're not.

I'm not one to say though. This week I have ended a friendship over differences and then cut my wrists lol. I did this all over possibly a misunderstanding but who's ever to know?

You are not a maniac and never think you are. It pisses me off when people label each other before they even know them. And sometimes we see just a little different then the rest and I think that is for the betterment of everything.

Also, we do a lot and I love that. Over this blog you have changed dramatically for the good and changed your academic situation totally around. Go you! People who are maniacs don't do that but you do.

You never fail to amaze me... keep up being wonderful and never let anyone make you feel otherwise.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i hate conventions and i hate people. why the hell do they insist on you leaving the house i don't know
1. it happens. ah, does it happen. i forget people's names all the time. my friend, Cartilage, he also has this problem so i'm exceptionally glad when he remembered my name the first few times i saw him.
2. permanent bitch mode is hot though.
3. oh no that fucking sucks
4. doomsday birds obvs we're all going to die
5. i fucking love you
yeah. no slacking. gotta update. i like that.
how can you do that i just ate 100g of gummy bears after eating 600 grams of biscuits that's .7kg probably in weight right
'emergency' lax and diet pills. i just...cannot with you. i cannot have diet pills as of yet. i'd love to order some Hydroxycut from somewhere. i'd love to. but that might be a problem with the ordering and shipping things and my parents finding out when they think i look "very skinny". ha. ha. ha.
did you just steal water
water sucks. Diet Pepsi forever instead. i wish i can drink as much water as you sometimes.

-Sam Lupin
PS. love youuuuuu.

Jax said...

I hate when people can't follow a schedule. Like, get your shit together and respect my time. So annoying. And best of luck with all the hotel stuff. Sharing your life with people is hard, but trying to follow a diet without getting looks and whispers is the worst. Good luck on this trip!

ascendancy. said...

Names. Names are hard. Faces? I'm great at faces. I need to hear a name at least twice before I even have the slimmest chance of remembering.

Haha. Permanent Bitch Face. The worst. I try hard not to have one. I hope I don't :\

Cat Fight once a year. I like this idea.

Bitch fest. Every time my sister comes home. Near the end of her trip. #relatable

Ugh. Claustrophobia much? I can't stand sharing my space with people. I just need my me time and my me space. When I don't get that it gets really hard for me to function.... at all.

Love you.


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