air is air and blood is blood and no matter what you eat for dinner, it all ends up as shit.

do you know how many laxatives i bought?

one hundred and ninety two. four packs of forty eight. pretty good deal.

anywho, it's been a weird week. as in less normal than usual, which for me means i'm not entirely sure what happened. i vaguely remember books, fire, disturbingly chewy tic tacs, and flirting with a construction worker. but i can definitely highlight a few things.

like thursday. i haven't smoked cigarettes in a few months and i did on thursday. my friend (the same one i was with on sunday) said she didn't know i smoked. i said only on occasion, and when i do, i smoke a lot. she laughed and said, "binge, purge." i said she had no idea. red invited us to his party, where he was stoned, wasted, and out of his mind. got to meet his girlfriend. she was just lovely. although, i'm not entirely sure how they ended up together. (small victory: i'm skinnier and less awkward than her. but so were most of the girls at the party.) it got boring pretty fast, though. came home almost three in the morning and my mother never asked where i was. i think she's given up on me. finally.

i've also decided to never smoke pot again. on thursday, after a bit of smoking, we went to a diner.

it was terrible.

i think i ate a bottle of ketchup. no, you didn't read that wrong. and possibly two plates of fries. and i went to visit my only fan yesterday--the one i ran into in august who's the coolest cat in town-- with a friend of mine. he gave me a hug and then played the guitar. good times. except for the part where my friend was hungry every five minutes. that wasn't as much fun. in fact, that wasn't fun at all.

on the bright side, i still have one hundred and sixty two laxatives left. and i'm definitely going to that concert.

i feel a bit melancholic after this week. maybe it was the rain. or the gray skies that refused to allow sunlight.

i've got my fingers crossed for next week, though. october's completely breaking my heart.



Sam Lupin said...

nope. it does not! i wish it would end up as shit. it just ends up in constipation. how many suppositories does one need to get things going!? awesome.
i want laxies. i finished my dulaphorac or something like that. but it really made me go to the bathroom! xD
ahaha! skinny missinsanity! ;P
october, be nice!
did you meet my child? it's called septober. it's a combination of september and october, because i needed to brighten up the months! xD

<3 <3
-Sam Lupin
(i also binged yesterday. does that help? xD FAIL SAM FAIL)

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

At least you can say you had a laugh :) And made memories! Pot is soooo bad for munchies though :( You just can't stop eating once you start! It's awful! I binged today, so your not alone with the binging bit! xx

Damon said...

nice post

Bella said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my post, darling. You're lovely.
I hope you had fun; despite a couple cringe-worthy memories hitting you the next day (; .
I love your posts, by the way. They take me away from the mess in my mind for a little while, and I slip right into your world for a moment; and it's wonderful to hear your thoughts.
You're a lovely girl.

ednos Linny said...

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