you know what happens when you reach perfection? you die.

the lady in charge of the choir said that today. really got me excited for some reason. anyway. today was a good day.

first, i totally aced a presentation and didn't fail my mid-term. i literally studied for the mid-term ten minutes before i took it. thank goodness for that. then after i took the mid-term, i went upstairs and saw the food guy. the crush who pushes food around. today he only had toothpicks. i was so ecstatic. he let me take two. (i think i almost got a splinter on my tongue. that would not have been fun.) then blahblahblah, class, boring.

and then i ran into the friend of this guy i like who's in one of my classes. AND I HAVE THE PERFECT NAMES FOR THEM. okay, the guy i like, we'll call him business. because he's always serious. except for rare occasions when he lets himself relax around people. and his friend, we'll call accounting. because they're best friends. it's much better than the other option, i assure you. (death and taxes.) anyway, i didn't see business today. not that it would matter, because he never says anything anyway, and we usually just make faces at each other across the classroom. accounting, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. i spent a decent amount of time talking to him today, which is sad because i just met him and we're already better friends than business and i. anywho. he asked me what i thought about business while we were talking. kinda random, but whatever. i said i thought he was kind of weird. (i forgot that most people don't take weird as a compliment. but i do.) then, on another random topic change, accounting invited me to smoke pot with him sometime. i spent most of our conversation laughing. i was completely amused. it seemed like he was either trying to find out about me for business or he likes me himself. (EVEN IF NEITHER OF THOSE ARE TRUE, IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. FOR NOW. three cheers for being delusional! hip hip hooray...) they've both got their levels of attraction, to be fair. but business is way cuter. however, he's also wayy more uptight.

moving along. all the pretty, skinny girls i admire have accepted me into their circle. there's this one girl, she's so freaking pretty. she's twenty two. i swear, she looks eighteen. (barely.) we're friends now. apparently, i once ran into her and her boyfriend and told him he had a nice beard. she remembers me because of that. (lesson: compliments will come in handy... eventually.)

i didn't run on the treadmill today. but accounting totally got my attention and made me lose track of time, so i guess... i still don't have a good excuse. haha, but it's okay. between flirting with construction workers, flirting with the best friends of guys i like, flirting with guys who push food-related carts around and trying to not roundhouse kick a stupid arrogant bitch in her fat fucking face, i guess i really needed the break. (what? angry? me? about something? pfft. nah. what are you talking about?)

my thoughts are all over the place right now. but i know three things for sure. one, i definitely increased the number of scrunchies on my wrist from twenty two to twenty six. two, i'm probably going to end up smoking with accounting, if only because he intrigues me. and three, if i don't keep myself happy for at least the next week, i'm going to have a mental breakdown.

i probably shouldn't smoke with him, though. especially since he kind of gives off the i'm totally into you vibe. and since i get the munchies. and eat ketchup. (not happening again, i swear.) if anything happens, it'll happen next tuesday or thursday. he said he lives far, though. i guess we'll see. :)

oh, and this is totally unrelated, but i cracked a fortune cookie the other day and the fortune said:

fate happens now, you decide.

think the universe is trying to tell me something?

i think so.

at least, i'd like to think so.



jackie said...

sounds like a good week. i wish i had your energy

Sam Lupin said...

perfection is unattainable in my opinion but does not make me stop striving for it, craving it and wanting it.
i want food so bad it kills. *is slapped* what? true! i'm only allowing myself to finish off this week to make a 7 day fast! perfect!
i love the fact that you name people like that! hilarious!
ahahaha! in their circle? you adorable, skinny beast!
x3. your life is eventful. mine sucks.
love youuu...

-Sam Lupin

Christina said...

I quite like that quote, mainly because it's true.
It's not going to stop us from trying to reach perfection though is it?

Your life sounds like such an adventure at times, I really look forward to reading your posts :)


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