if i only had the nerve.

at this moment, 
i'd like nothing more
than to rush into the kitchen
fling the cupboards open,
crush all of the pasta,
spill all of the beans,
pour the juice into the sink,
throw the cereal away,
give the pretzels to raccoons,
feed the meatstuff to my dog,
fix the tuna for my cat,
set the oatmeal packets on fire,
put the dishes in the garage, 
mash all the potaoes,
donate the cans to charity,
make juice from the apples...
and then pour it in the toilet,
scrub the kitchen floor,
unplug all the tvs,
break all of the windows,
and inhale deeply,
fluff all ten couch pillows,
mix, for myself, some coffee,
fill the rooms with books,
play my summer songs,
lay on the hardwood floor,
and let my mind drift endlessly.

but this is one list i'd better leave alone.



Rayya said...

l o l
yay feeding raccoons! gotta do your bit for the raccoons.. that actually sounds like fun <3
hope you're ok - is it me or do you sound kinda restless?? i have those moods too where i want to destroy things out of pure restlessness and frustration, hope you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I like this one.

Instead, go for a run for me (;

Love you darling.

jackie said...

spin in circles until you're dizzy.
maybe it will work ;)

lol jk.
unless you do want to try that, in which case, go for it.

my better suggestion would be to put your new weight set to use. gotta love em.

Anonymous said...

Lol I'm like this too, when my bf puts bad foods in the shopping trolley I'm like "I'll throw them out!" I don't really throw it out, but I wish it wasn't in the cupboards tempting me >__<
Alice xx

Englishrose said...

i no the feeling where u just hate it HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT food is just everywhere
wish it just would piss off
but phew
much love
"keep calm and carry on"

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

We all get this feeling :( Hate tempting food in the house!! xx

Anonymous said...
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