tomorrow comes today.

carpe diem. fugit hora.

august is the last month in the summer. and then fall begins. and then when december comes, that'll be the last month in the year. and then january will be the first month of the new year. and then june-- the first month of summer. only to arrive at august again.

what am i getting at?

a month is a month. a day is a day. we live in the present. it sounds awesome to say, "i'll do better tomorrow." screw tomorrow. do better now. take it from me, the two headed turtle, queen of procrastination. every time it feels like there'll be no more time left, we rush into a flurry of action, only to be overwhelmed into inaction yet again. or worse, when the future seems uncertain and full of possibilities-- none of them all too bright-- we fall into despair. the future should seem uncertain. the possibilities are endless. we should do our best to make the most of our time. we should make ourselves proud.

you must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.
fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. 
there is no other land, there is no other life but this.
henry david thoreau.

maybe i've been reading too much poetry lately. maybe dead, absinthe-intoxicated writers have pumped their libertine blood into my veins. maybe i'm delirious from all the thoughts rushing through my mind. but it sounds like good advice to me.



Anonymous said...

Amazing advice, I love this post, really funny too :D
Alice xx

Rayya said...

:) a-m-a-z-i-n-g i love you - thank you for posting this its just what i needed :) x

jackie said...

"find eternity in each moment" I like that. I had a the-future-is-going-to-be-crap-I'm-doomed melt down yesterday. I'm glad you see things another way.

have a wonderful august 2nd!

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

good advice :) Inspirational post! You're so right! xx

black angel said...

"i'll do better tomorrow." screw tomorrow. do better now. -- fu*kin love this.
So much motivatin now.
Thank you.
Take care and good luck,

Anonymous said...

You inspire me infinitely.

It's Bella, by the way. Thank you for commenting back to me - you're far too lovely.

My second blog is at scribbledoutsecrets.blogspot.com ; follow it if you like, but I completely understand if you dont - it's more a place to pull from my mind the thoughts that are driving me insane, than anything else.

Love, darling.

a friend of ana said...

love thoreau! so insightful in all walks of life. great inspiration darling!! :-)
love! <3

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