deenie's the beauty and helen's the brain. or so i've heard.

i don't know if you've ever read deenie by judy blume. it's really good. my sister read it because she had scoliosis and so naturally i read it because it was in the house. i must admit it was a little creepy because growing up, my sister was like deenie and i was like helen. she was the 'pretty' one-- mainly because she liked dressing up and even as a child, i preferred jeans and hoodies to airy floral dresses-- and i was the brain. if i got a b (or anything lower than that), i not only shocked my parents but my teachers as well. that's probably why i don't care about school now. but anyway.

mother dearest left for her cruise this morning. she left a twenty on the table, obviously for food. for a week. with a broken fridge in the house. that's fine by me, you know. but not my sister. as soon as she woke up, she wanted something to eat.

"did you see the twenty on the table?" yes. "do you want me to order some tofu for you or something?" nope, i'm fine. "......" do you want something to eat? "what are you going to eat then?" oh you know, i've got boca burgers and stuff in the freezer. "okay, cool. make me some. and we have to clean up this kitchen. and wash your plates right after you eat." alright.

that ended the conversation. so i made two. (one hundred calories each, love them.) she ate both. sooo, thanks for that, sis. then i ended up cleaning the kitchen on my own. correction: she washed a plate. so she helped too, technically. and since i started cleaning, i figured, ...why not just organize everything? so i ended up cleaning the cupboards out and rearranging all of the food. found some pretty good stuff hidden in there: couple boxes of tea, a container of protein shake mix (although i'm not sure who put it there...or when), some oatmeal packets (also one hundred calories each), cans of fruit and chocolate syrup. not really sure what i'd do with the chocolate syrup...

i think i'll probably end up cooking all the meals for this week, which should be fun. if it's cooking for other people, i can cook without tasting and serve without eating. that wasn't really an issue anyway, since only about ten percent of the food in here is vegan and the other ninety is barely vegeterian. plus, since we agreed to wash our plates right after we eat, i don't have to act like i've eaten anything.

food aside, i just hope we make it through this week without beating each other senseless.



Run said...

I was like that growing up. Especially with the grades. I think that is why it pisses me off now that I took a few years out of education to go back into it and realise I'm still that student that shocks myself and teachers when I do really badly.

Cooking for other people is cool. Especially since I never feel obligated to eat anything when cooking for them.

Good luck with the week alone with your sister. I knew if it was me spending the week with my brother, the UK would no longer exist. xD xx

Bones said...

Man, I wish my parents had decided I was the beauty or the brains, specifically. I was supposed to be everything. Still, I can see how that would be problematic, too, having separate sets of expectations. Maybe we're all just fucked from the beginning. I hope your week is lovely, anyway xxx

ascendancy. said...

I was the Brain too. Oldest sister was the Beauty, middle sister was the Body. Who the hell wants to be smart next to that??

Probably why I have such huge inadequacy issues.

Sending you much love this week babes <33


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