this... is pretty gross.

before you think, "omigawd, she threw up on her dog and then stepped in her cat's vomit and slipped, only to faceplant into its litterbox," it's just sweat. but it's a lot of sweat.

i mean, i'm literally laying in a puddle of sweat. even my dog is slightly put-off. so i might have overdone it a little. i think my legs are planning to detach themselves after what i've put them through. my arms aren't hurting as much, but i'm going easy on them today. (tomorrow is another story.) i'm trying to make sure my entire body doesn't revolt against me. enthusiasm. i have it. a lot of it.

so i broke in my weights. (although, they're not really like sneakers... you don't really 'break them in'. but you know that.) accidentally kicked my dog in the face. I KNOW. IT'S TERRIBLE. I'M SORRY. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. he got over it, but now if he sees the weights in my hands, he gives me a sour glance before crawling under the bed, only to emerge when i've set them down again. gotta love him, the scrawny bastard. recently arrived: two five pound dumbbells, two ten pound dumbbells. i think i'll leave the ten pounders alone for now. mainly because as of this moment, sweat is to me as rain is to the amazon.

yes, i am serious. i told you it was gross.

i feel a little bad because i find superskinny me to be really motivating, with exercise at least. (mainly louise.) the worst part is that she'd probably hate that, you know? ....ah well. i can't do anything about that.

anyway, right before the last workout i did-- which left an actual puddle of sweat on my floor, much to my cat's disgust-- i cooked dinner. it was awesome. touching the uncooked spaghetti, touching the cooked spaghetti, touching the frozen green beans, touching the cooked green beans, touching the frozen boca burgers, touching the cooked boca burgers-- it was so fun. i had so much fun cooking and playing with the food that when i split it into two plates (one for me, one for my sister) i made sure to give her seventy five percent of what i cooked. don't worry, i only played with my food. and i gave her a ridiculous amount of food. i just didn't want her to buy takeout. i don't feel comfortable with it. plus i managed to fill my plate and stay under three hundred calories. *high fives all around*

ah. and i bought nail polish. three colors, in fact.

metamorphosis-- a metallic blue.

fly with me-- a metallic green.
tokyo pearl-- a metallic white.

i painted my thumbs white, my index and pinkie fingers blue and my middle and ring fingers green. not sure why. just felt like it, i suppose. i was going to get black nail polish, because that's my favorite, but that's like my mother's warning signal. i used to wear only black and hole up in my room, listening to dillinger escape plan. now i only wear jeans and hoodies and hole up in my room, listening to bjork. this, in her opinion, is progress.

but you know what would be real progress? getting under one hundred and ten .



jackie said...

who's the jock now? haha :P love the weight lifting!

do you know the band called Boy? it's two girls and I'm kind of in love with the singer.. the song Skin has been playing in my head all day.


Rayya said...

wowee i kinda wish you had puked on your dog and all that.. would have been kind of cool in a horrifically disgusting way :P

ooh what kind of thing do you do when you do weights?? I am thinking of buying some to do at home..

haha your "fatten your sister up" mission is going according to plan.. i might do something similar you know ;)

Oooh nail polish! Its really hard to get hold of colour club and sinful colours here in the UK just so you know China Glaze are coming out with an awesome bohemian collection that I think you will love (cos you love black nails like me! check it out!: http://www.temptalia.com/china-glaze-new-bohemian-collection-for-fall-2012 )

much love! x

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