don't people knock anymore? geez.

last night, my mother was just rattling on and on about how she was leaving for a cruise and the house was a mess and i needed to make sure my sister didn't leave food upstairs because she didn't want roaches...etc. it was pretty much a run on sentence  and then my mother went somewhere (this is where it got strange) and my sister came home not too long after she left. she practically begged me to do this homework assignment for her all week, some really cliche short story that was five thousand words. i didn't finish it. i mean, she could write some of it. so i sent her most of the story and told her to finish herself. then she goes, "you're such a disappointment. i just asked you to write this for me. you're such a disappointment." total bitch. she repeated that like, twenty times. and i got really irritated, and i ate a bunch of veggie burgers in my room while she finished her homework in hers. then, when i was sure i couldn't eat another bite, i ran to the bathroom, got my toothbrush and ran to the downstairs bathroom.

standing in front of the toilet. totally about to puke. all of a sudden, i hear my sister running down the stairs. i pretend i'm playing with makeup in the mirror and she just barges into the bathroom. never mind how rude that was, she had this look on her face like, "I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO" and she spent a good five minutes making up some bullshit reason why she came in without knocking. and then afterwards, she gives me this disgusted look and goes back upstairs. and leaves me to take care of business.

i'm not a huge fan of puking, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

on the bright side, after that, i felt so gross that i ordered weights and some exercise videos (unfortunately, it wasn't made in the eighties...) from amazon last night and went roller skating for an hour in the park this morning. then i lay around in bed, getting up only to fill myself with water before collapsing uncomfortably beside my dog. who, for the record, is probably like, "what the fuck is wrong with this family..." if dogs curse.

and when my mom came home, i made this lame suggestion like, "maybe we should buy snacks for the house...with the fridge broken...while you're away..." because i really wanted to buy some laxatives. and then when we went into the store, i saw one of those mega packs of ex-lax and it was ON SALE. (as it should always be.) so i put it in the cart, but then i was like, ugh... questions and... mothers... and cashiers... so i put it back. and we ended up buying food.

SO. that backfired.

i really have to plan these things better.



ascendancy. said...

Hey baby girl. Thanks for the comment... brought me back from MAJOR blog inactivity.

Read a few of your blogs... I'm sorry you are struggling so much with your sister and your mom. I can't imagine saying those things to anyone, much less my own flesh and blood... Even if it was true (which I'm SURE it's not for you).

Haha I know what you mean about animals thinking we are crazy. The stories my cat could tell.... I'm glad he can't :)


jackie said...

yuck, so sorry about the b/p

I'll bet you can't wait to get out on your own, huh?

Rayya said...

Oh dear.. your sister LOL and you are not a disappointment! <3 xx

Karolina said...

That sounds so familiar. Your poor dog. That is EXACTLY the expression o on my cat's face sometimes :) Enjoy your mini-vacation!

Bones said...

sounds like a weird day. and I'm sorry that I've been absent lately; I enjoy your blog, I ought to be more present. xx

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