this means war.

ever since my sister moved back in, she's been dropping these totally fucked up lines every now and again.

the other day, i was walking around the house and she said, "damn. look at those thighs. you really are your mother's daughter." thank you for fucking with my self image even more and comparing me to the last person on earth i want to be associated with. later, the same day, she goes, "where did you get all those tits? i mean, i can't even gain three pounds, much less go up a bra size."

and then last saturday, we went upstate with some of her friends and in the car, she goes, "i ate four breakfasts the other day and i couldn't gain any weight. but don't worry, i'll keep at it and one day, i'll be like you people." you people? what the fuck? i asked her how the weather was up on her high horse. because i didn't feel like cursing. but then the icing on the cake was when we ran into some people i knew when i was little. and this lady (lucky for her, i have no idea who she is) goes, "wow! she's so BIG now." yeah, okay, i grew like five inches since you saw me last, but i'm still short. and then someone was like, "isn't it weird how the younger sister ends up bigger than the older one?" uh, no? it isn't? who the fuck are you people?!

so that, combined with a healthy dose of weight jokes from my sister kinda started a cat fight in the backseat of her friend's car. classy, eh? although i was totally enraged, i made sure not to punch her in the face. i feel like that's just wrong, hitting a girl there.

it's funny, though. when i was younger, i spent most of my time trying to get as close to her as possible. now i know what a bitch she is and i can't get away from her. life is such a cruel mistress.

well, you know, whatever.

for old time's sake, i gotta bring this up. NEVER GOT THAT DAMN TREADMILL. but i gave up on it, since i'm prettty sure that lady's losing her memory. so reminding her wouldn't do much. and it's not that big of a deal. so i got skates. which feels like a bad idea in retrospect, because the sidewalk in my area is treacherous, even when i'm walking carefully.

at any rate, i set up my old tent in the backyard. it's pretty cozy. and whenever i get hungry but don't feel like eating (it's not a contradiction, i swear) i zip myself up inside it. not working too well right now though, since it's hot as camel balls outside and i might drag myself back indoors.

anywho, enjoy your day today. and if it goes to shit, well, fuck today then. there's always tomorrow.



We Are All Mad Here (Rayya) said...

wow - your sis sounds like a right piece of work! stay strong!! xx

GemDrop said...

Woah! There is no need for your sister to be that harsh. Maybe she's jealous that your actually trying to take control of your life.
Don't let her get to you and don't give up!
Take care sweetie!

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