my dog is a stalker. and he's possibly gay. actually... can dogs be gay? (i'm assuming legally blonde was drawing from real life, just a bit.)

yesterday, i was walking my dog, B.J. he's terribly adorable. also, he's terribly energetic and aggresively friendly. we ran into a dog and its owner on the way back. the dog, across the street was barking up a storm and B.J. wasn't about to go home without saying hi, so i asked the guy if it was okay for us to come over and he said, sure, why not.

my glasses broke, by the way, so i couldn't see what this person looked like from across the street. and i didn't care.



anywho, our dogs are sniffin each other. i'm making awkward dog jokes while trying to not squint at this random person who-- no doubt in my mind-- was trying to go home. all of a sudden i look down and to my horror, B.J. is trying to get on top of this other dog. he's very tiny. probably weighs about seven pounds right now. the other dog must've been at least... sixty? seventy pounds? i'm guessing. i tell the guy my dog is a boy and he says, "oh so is mine. i guess they're gay then."


i decided not to think about it too much because as far as i'm concerned, i'm still huge. and i don't really feel like being socially awkward due to low self-esteem and yada yada yada. but then today, B.J. and i are walking, and suddenly he's following a scent. (i could tell, because he has a weird sort of twitch that goes through his body when he finds what he's looking for.) i let him lead. wouldn't ya know it, we ended up in front of this house and the dog was in the front yard.

was it cool? certainly, if you're a dog. if you're a human? ...not so much. i used to say if it feels like stalking and looks like stalking... it must be a coincidence. but it turns out that's not how that saying goes. yeahh. but now i know where this person lives. which i didn't want to know, or particularly need to know. but knowledge is power. not really sure how that helps me though. i mean, it would've been great to run into that guy again (and his amazing eyes) but seeing as how i haven't eaten since this past saturday and it's a bit hot out, i'd probably swoon in front of him. i don't think i can pull that off gracefully. my sister said not to get my hopes up, as i tend to do. (what can i say? i love excitement.) i didn't even expect to run into that person or dog again.

i guess B.J. did pretty good. i should give him a treat. (and a bath.)


oh, and jackie~ totally missed you <3 can't read your blog anymore, though. (whyyyy?!) bit heartbroken. anywho, i hope you're doing well.


We Are All Mad Here (Rayya) said...

lol at this! haha i think dogs can be gay.. i think.. its slightly odd though.. lol that poor guys dog! haha.. and wow your dogs like the james bond of the dog world.. :P and its ok to get excited! i did it the other day remember lol ;) haha

wow you havent eaten since saturday.. i wish so badly that i could say the same! stay strong!
lots of love,
- Rayya x

Broken Wings said...

Dogs are amazing, hehehe xoxo

ex anima said...

It's an act of domination. A lot of animals do it; my cat does it... as well as prison inmates.

jackie said...

aww bambi <3 love that movie :)

and your dog! ahahaha so funny! my dog doesn't seem to love anyone but my dad, and she gets fiercely jealous when he pets any other dog. it's pretty amusing to watch her get all upset over nothing.

I missed you too!! I was thinking of you a few weeks ago, but was too nervous to read and get swallowed into blogging again. but then I decided to come back, so I get to read :) I think I had been messing with my settings, try again maybe?

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