all i need is love & music. love & music gets me by.

today was one hell of a roller-coaster. but j and i promised to do our best to have good days this week, so i did my best to keep it good. THAT BEING SAID.

today was awesome!!

i got to class late and had to sit in the back. which worked for me, because i missed class on wednesday last week and i didn't have the textbook. and i was texting, haha. anyway, then i left class and went across campus.

GUESS WHO I RAN INTO OUTSIDE?! red. this guy... he just... he is sex appeal. you know? i mean, damn. could he get any hotter? anyway, he was outside with this guy i used to find mildly attractive (until he cut all his hair off). and there was this bee that wouldn't leave him alone. it was trying to get into his coffee cup. so it basically went like this. he was waving at me so i came over and said hi. to both of them, as a formality. they were talking about sports and then things got a little crazy, haha. (just so you know, he's... well, he's red. duh.)

OH. MY. GOD. THIS BEE. it will not leave me alone. haha, i see that. so yeah, as i was sayi-- THIS STUPID BEE. is soo annoying. *fanning the bee away with a binder* {FIVE MINUTES LATER}  it really wants some coffee! well it's not GETTIN' ANY. screw this, i'm going inside. right behind ya.

so yeah. so we head inside after the little bee episode and we're joking around. he's all like, that bee totally wants me. and i'm like, how could it not? i didn't say that out loud, of course. anyway, i can't go over everything that happened, because we were hanging out on campus together from like, eleven to one-thirty. because we both have this ridiculously long break. so i'm going to put this in as few words as possible. (it's gonna be hard, but i'll do my best.)

he went to his car to get his guitar. he played music while we sat there (with about three other people at a table nearby that we knew) and i wore his sunglasses. so i could stare at him while pretending to text. (SO WHAT. HE'S DELICIOUS EYE CANDY.) he was playing the guitar and then i asked if i could see it and i played this song i wrote (don't ask, haha), grace by jeff buckley and then i played the theme song from friends and he sang along. it was cute. AND THEN the people left and it was just me and him and music. and it was beyond awesome. and then my old buddy chris came over with his guitar and he sat down. and red starts singing this song... i wish i knew what it was. but it sounded a lot like a love song. he sang like, two. i had his sunglasses on and i was staring at him. and he was looking at me every few seconds. it was magical. then i left for a vocal lesson and took his sunglasses with me. because that was the center of my pathetic attempts at flirting. when i came back, he was packing his stuff together and getting ready to go somewhere, so i tagged along. THE BEE POPPED UP. it was hilarious. he was like, zigzagging in front of me and stuff. i got to play with his hair.

there was one problem. this girl from last year, she basically stole my crush from me. but i got over it. (she was the one with banana the other day.) today, however, when she started talking to red, i gave her the look. 

basically, in one intense glare, i said, i tolerated your shit last year, but if you so much as hug this guy, i'm going to rip you apart like a rabid lion and then gut you like a fish. but i did it with a smile! because everyone knows if you do it with a smile, you're not a mean person.

so then i took his sunglasses with me to class. i mean, i was basically wearing them all day. it was great. and then he had to come find me because i had his sunglasses. and i got to talk to him some more! we had a lot of moments today. *sigh*

like when i was telling chris he should listen to jeff buckley, and red goes, "me and the drummer in my band were soo into jeff buckley at one point. damn, i used to be able to play so real." when he said that, i seriously grabbed his free hand with both of mine and gazed at him with sparkly eyes. i even sent my best friend a text that said, (and i quote):
He's so ridiculously delicious. HE'S HJFIKDKSBHJ!! gah. Words fail me so hard. HE KNOWS JEFF BUCKLEY. HE FUCKING KNOWS BUCKLEY. HE LIKES BUCKLEY.
at which point my friend said to marry him. if only, right? haha. but DAMN. we both hate mtv, too. PLUS he's like a sex god. he radiates more sex appeal than the sun radiates heat. and he's got a brain! and i have class with him tomorrow?! i'll see him everyday?! however will i survive this? no, i don't have his number yet. but gosh, if i did, i wouldn't be telling you guys this right now. i'd be rolling around on my floor singing to my phone, pretending it was him.

banana said something funny today. she said, "i just noticed. you lost a lot of weight. like, a lot." and to think, i was going to break my fast tomorrow. two days only? let's make it three! and then four! and then five! and then...we'll see after that, haha.


oh. and i almost forgot. he was playing his guitar and he was like, "i have a red les paul at home. it's so amazing. i should call it red. the red rocket." {he mentioned red! severe whiplash from looking up at him quickly, i can assure you.}

and i thought to myself, what a wonderful world.

i'm totally getting his number tomorrow. maybe we can see the lion king together. haha, in a million years. or maybe i'll sing a song to him (without saying that) at the school open mic/cafe thing next month.

his band's name... will be the title of my next post. gotta save something for next time, right?!

honestly. :)


hanrietta gray said...

I love hot people.. their fun to stare at lol jk good luck with the boy.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like so many boys at my school. But not in a bad way. A lot of people (read: gorgeous guys with guitars) come here for our recording industry program. I had so many campus/music days like the one you described. And my life wouldn't be the same without them . . . ahhh boys

Bones said...

Sounds like a lovely day... :)

ascendancy. said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so happy for you lady :) that's so wonderful!! Good luck tomorrow! Go get 'em!!!

And congrats on your fast too!


becca; said...

sounds like you had a good day :) well done with the fast, as well! xo.

Mia said...

OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!! :D

jackie said...

yayyyyy!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! haha it's not even me and I have butterflies. go get him, girl!!!!

Run said...

Sitting in the back whilst texting sounds like me haha!
Go get him. I'm actually excited for you haha. Good luck (and congrats on the 2 days) with the fast too. :) xo

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