a fond farewell.

i had my last meal this morning. last night, it took me a while to swallow my food. i was sitting, chewing, and i needed to talk. but i couldn't swallow. it was very uncomfortable. but i couldn't just sit with food in my mouth. so i ate. it was weird. it took more self control to eat than not to. so that's it then. i had breakfast with my mom. a bit of oatmeal. about half a cup. with banana sliced in.

the only thing i'll be having from this point on is water.

which isn't to say i won't eat again at some point. but not for the next few weeks. my friend told me his girlfriend gained 'a little weight'. of course, if it was just 'a little weight' he wouldn't have noticed it. and especially not in her face. (i think that's like one of the last places weight goes. at least for me. i don't know.) anyway, for some reason, that makes me even more determined to not eat. i'm not overly fond of her. (i may have mentioned this on several occasions.) 

i think i'm done procrastinating. for now. my schedule is going to be pretty packed today. i've got to run into people, stay away from people, start homework and finish homework. and i've got new music to listen to. l'amour by carla bruni. (i want to learn french so badly.) and now i've got to walk the dog and get ready to go to hell. i mean, school.

college. the best way to increase my blood pressure.

i mean, seriously, could the mirrors in the bathroom GET any bigger?



kes said...

Good luck water fasting. I hope you have a good day.

Bella said...

Let's burn our knives and forks together.

jackie said...

i LOVE carla. her music is so good! j'aime "la toi du moi". c'est tres unique.

good luck on this fast, and be careful as always, my love.

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