nuts are really high in fat.

so i stuck to the diet. not much to report there. today should be day four. what's weird is that on sunday i lost like, three pounds. it was totally random. and then today, i lost like, one fifth of a pound. whatever.

anywho, i've been packing my own lunch lately. meaning yesterday. in a goldfish shaped container. (i love water creatures.) and there's this kid-- i call him kenny, although to be honest, i don't think that's his name. he might be the only person i've met this year who's just as mental about food as i am. we were chatting today and i bought a pack of raw sunflower seeds. you know, because that's what i do. i buy things to look like i eat and then i share it with everyone and eat like... nothing. so i gave him some and i was about to eat some and suddenly he was like, "you know, nuts are really high in fat." and then he started talking about how he could ruin any food for me.

which would be kind of cool, to be honest.

so he's my classmate. i think i'm going to throw a list of seemingly random foods and see if he really can ruin them for me. i mean, he already ruined sunflower seeds. he said he could probably destroy my opinion of my favorite food. he asked what it was. i said broccoli.

still, you can't blame the kid for trying, right?

sooo, i should probably finish my homework. it's due in like, seven hours. (let the unhealthy sleep cycles begin!) i was trying to use this to distract myself. no luck there. on the bright side, i did kill about twenty minutes between typing this and watching orchestras on youtube.

it's probably a bit too early to start slacking though. i'd better get this finished so i can get a nap in before seven.



Christina said...

I love sunflower kernels. I have it in my muesli nearly every morning. The muesli is high in calories but it keeps me going throughout the day.
It would be kind of nice to have a friend to ruin foods for you, you'd always think twice before eating.


Anonymous said...

I need a friend to ruin food for me

Bones said...

Hey, I want someone to ruin food for me, too. Haha

Mia said...

I'd like to know someone like that. Someone to call when I feel a binge, haha.

Run said...

I have the ability to do the same thing with food too. My friends hate it when I ruin certain foods for them. :P xo

jackie said...

the sunflower thing is a great idea. I bet you're good at distracting people anyway, though.

go get your work done!

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