curiouser and curiouser.

i wonder how many people notice us, but we don't notice them because we are too busy noticing someone else who will never notice us.

if this is another one of those highs before a really serious low, i'm riding this manic horse into the ground.

anyway, good day today. didn't wear the stockings. forgot i had them in the wash, never dried 'em. but i will tomorrow. good thing i didn't today. yesterday, i didn't eat. today, i didn't eat. cheers! so almost two down and nineteen to go. really fun. if i ever i want to eat, i think i'll listen to hocus pocus by focus because something about it makes me think of hard exercsise. don't know why. but so far so good.

sometimes i'm really glad that my mood swings way up and i feel effervescent, but sometimes i think about it and i go, i must be mad. see, today i was in an amazing mood. and i still am, although i'm controlling it better. but when i'm in a super great mood, i tend to get a little.... oh, i dunno... reckless. i'll walk into the street, skipping and singing when a car is speeding towards me. among other things. and i just flirt with everyone. i mean, geez. that's not always a problem, yeah, but it's probably not such a good idea to smile at almost every guy i see. 

unless it's green eyes. (that's right, i have another crush. so sue me.) he's been in the background since school started. he was there when i faceplanted into a wall, and he was there for every moment when i tackled red. anyway, he smells good. it's really weird, but for most guys i like, the first thing i notice is that they smell really good. and green eyes smells amazing. i think i hugged him for about five minutes straight just so i could smell his shirt. am i creeping you out? i hope not. i'm just a bit weird, you'll have to forgive me. i was standing over green eyes, and-- i don't know if this is because i remembered it from skins-- i kept thinking to myself, look up if you like me. and then he did. and he tacked a smile on it for good measure. (i've never liked a trumpet player before. they're a strange group. i'm approaching with caution.) his eyes are really lovely. and he has a peculiar way of smiling. he smiled a lot today.

it was awesome.

but yeah. two days in. third day is really the problem. and the fifth and seventh. so once i make it past tomorrow, all that's left is thursday and saturday. and once i'm past saturday, i should be fine for the two weeks after that. i mean, my mother's started complaining about my eating habits, but only because OTHER people are asking her about my eating habits. and she wouldn't let me ruin her reputation as a good mother.

guess i'll be wearing lots of long skirts for a while. long skirts and baggy jeans and t shirts.

and purple zebra striped stockings. :)

now i've got to put my bookbag in the wash now. it smelled like a damp basement all day. i was so embarrassed. and i've got homework to do. hope your day was lovely too. <3



jackie said...

happy that you're happy, love

i like having two crushes. they make life interesting.

Christina said...

One of the first things I notice about men is their smell. I love hugging my boyfriend and smelling him. It may be a little weird but at least you're not the only one!

Thank you for the comments over the last few days. I'm doing a little better now :)


Skeleton Strong said...

Riding the manic horse to the ground or so something I love. Because why not, if the fall is inevitable anyhow?

Hey, use some of your manic energy to join in my contest if you want. Check it out. :P


Fat Piggy said...

PLEASE PLEASE put a pic of the purple zebra striped stocking on your blog! I'm dying to see what they look like. They. Sound. EPIC!! :) :) Whadda I'm bipolar (dunno if you are) and I'm also 'riding a manic horse into the ground' at the moment. YEEEEEHAAA bitches :P Xo Xo

Bones said...

Excellent intake. I envy you. I envy you your crushes, as well. It's nice to have prospects. xx

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