if your abs are cold after you run, you burned calories.

people just keep giving me all this information.

wait. before i go on, let me just say that i've been awake for like, nineteen hours. why? because i make no sense.

so a lot of random stuff happened today. i saw kenny (or whatever this kid's name is... i should probably find out) and he saw me eating wheat thins. i guess he was okay with it. i only had ten, then he had to go to class. this isn't important. fast forwarding. i was doing homework today and red (yes, he's still around. and i got to tackle hug him. that was fun.) was doing homework too. then he was like, "fuck! i really need some coffee right now but it's like, all the way across campus!" so of course i got him some. because you know, hearts may be broken but the love never dies (and all that). when i put it on the table, he just went insane. he was like, "omg. omg. yes. omg. i love this girl. so much. yes. coffee. fuck yes. omg." and then he gave me this huge hug (picked me up off the floor) and was just like, "THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH." and hey, that was good enough for me. then we were talking about how i smashed into the wall and he said that was the single greatest moment he had last week. wait, fast forwarding again. (how am i still awake?)

i made two new friends and we started talking about like, exercise. and how i really want to use the school gym but there are no showers and i don't want to go to class (or get on the bus) smelling like sweat. and we started talking about running and this girl-- she is like, the definition OF cool-- said that she loves doing crunches. and i was all like, haha, yeah, exercise is awesome. (i was so glad i did those four hundred jumping jacks this morning.) maybe she's a new exercise buddy. she likes running. WORKS FOR ME. that would be awesome. my other friend, i told about red. she said it was kinda obvious. and here i thought i could hide it behind my mask of insanity.

so anyway, my eyes are still open. and i've been trying to sleep for a few hours now. so i think i'm going to... hopefully go to sleep. if not, i'll be doing homework. my friends are sending me texts like, "GO TO SLEEP. WHY ARE YOU AWAKE." except for that girl who's the definition of cool. she's like, "WE'RE FRIENDSSSSSS <3333333" makes me smile. it's good to have friends at school, right? so many people said hi to me and gave me hugs today, i think the universe is overloading me with good vibrations. (BY THE WAY, IF YOU SEE A DRAGONFLY, MAKE A WISH.) i hope something terrible doesn't happen to balance it out.


i'm so negative sometimes.


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