when you feel sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead.

i have these stockings. i found them on clearance about two years ago. they're purple and zebra stiped. i like wearing them. maybe i'll wear them tomorrow. just thought i'd share that with you. :)

i've got vitamins this time around. last time i was water fasting, i wasn't taking any. so this time i will, so my iron levels don't drop really low. people don't usually see me eat at school, so i should be fine. i want to aim for a minimum of twenty one days. twenty one is like, one of my favorite numbers. maybe because that's the legal drinking age here.

speaking of drinking, some people shouldn't be allowed to drink. take my friend ricky, for example. he got completely drunk last night and told me some things i'm sure he'll regret when he wakes up. you know what's terrible? he said he thought i was really lovely and it was all very sweet of him, but he was drunk. it made me feel horrible last night. maybe it's a bit illogical, but i felt like if i was as lovely as he thought, he wouldn't have had to get drunk to say something like that. i mean, he wasn't drunk when he told his last two girlfriends he liked them. am i making sense? i hope so. he shouldn't be dorming. he should be at home, where his parents can keep an eye on him.

i wrote lots of letters yesterday. i think today i'm going to write letters to different animals. like birds. there's a family of nightingales that live near my house. i've seen generations of them. i even wrote a story about them. i learned how to chirp like a bird so i could call them and stuff. i just love animals. they're the best. they really know what love is. shame they can't talk, or they'd tell us we're doing it all wrong. oh, and i want to write one to a penguin. i love penguins. they're adorable. and a lioness. i love those too. haha, sorry.

i'm going to clean up, write, draw and read today. even though there's bound to be a lot of awkwardness later when ricky wakes up, i'm going to have a good day anyway. if everything else goes wrong, i can have a really good day as long as i don't eat. and i won't. i saw a butterfly yesterday and i thought, wow. they make it look so effortless. i mean, birds look like they have to put a bit of energy into it. butterflies seem to be drifting along, everywhere they go. i want to look like that too.

i feel fluffy today. i hope you feel fluffy too. :)



Bones said...

I'm so glad you're fluffy :)

Sam Lupin said...

cute. i want to hug you to death. even though you're probably taller than me. x3.
water fasting for twenty-one days. i always have a problem with fasting (if i have nothing to do, then i will eat, and if i'm busy, i feel like i need some sort of energy to keep me going) - i'm on ABC right now for the next 10 days. :)
you reminded me to take my own vitamins. they're rotting in their bottle. xD.
cute stockings! i can never wear them. i like drowing in my clothes too much =P.
the letters thing is interesting. i'm actually going to use it for a story of mine. *blushes*

Fat Piggy said...

Fluffiest sunday ever! Incidentally, I went to this beach today that has penguins on it. Fiesty little dudes. But SO cute. :) :) :) It is chick season now, so there are a couple little fluffy ones too :) :) Xo Xo

jackie said...

glad you sound so happy. good luck starting this long term fast, I know you'll do wonderfully.

Bella said...

Wow, 21 days, that sounds really hard. I've never gona more than a couple of days, and then I didn't just drink water, 'cause I need my blood-sugar to stay up. Cheers for trying it, though.

I know what you mean with that drunk guy. When I party with a certain group, there's always this girl or two who starts telling me how beautiful I am, how wonderful. Because they know I have a hard time, that I hate myself. But I can see it in their eyes, sluggish and unfocused as they might be. They do it out of pity only. They should just learn to shut up...

Weightless said...

you're so cute :)

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