what a lovely sequence of events.

it's thursday.


thurdays have always been my "good days." and i swear, if i jinxed myself by saying that, i'll be hibernating until monday. why is thursday my good day? i don't know. but i can tell you that i have class with red who may be taken, but is still very cute. that's always a bonus. (i'm incorrigible, i know.)

remember sunflower seed boy? he's good. i swear, i need to hang out around this kid. i'd never eat. yesterday, i hadn't eaten anything and i felt a little light headed from my vocal practice and general waste of energy, so i bought some fries. baked, not fried. bit weird. anywho, it was a bad idea. but i couldn't resist. guess who caught me nibbling at them? that's right. sunflower seed boy.

"....hmm. white carbs. they turn into fat."

i looked up at him. i'm sure my eyes were saying something like, you don't want to do this right now. but he did.

".....ketchup? hmm."

i think i sighed. i may have hung my head in shame. but i plowed on, through those fries, as he gave me-- and a few of our classmates-- a lesson in nutrition. i tried to use the old "i'm vegan" line as an excuse for why i was okay with eating fries. "but i do eat a lot of vegetables," i added. oh. and sunflower seed boy? he's almost as bad as i am. he started talking about his weight. (he's almost as bad as me. it sounds like he sleeps with his scale. sorry, i'll cut him some slack.) then these two girls started talking about their exercise routines. i almost joined the conversation. but this girl sitting across from me looked at me and said, "you don't even have to worry about those fries. you're so skinny." and inside, i was like, pffft. it made my stomach turn. i stopped eating. then i came home and binged on vegetables. which was really random and totally uncomfortable, and i gained like a million pounds. (damn you, brocolli, carrots and cauliflower!)

and now it's thursday, but i'm in a good mood. which is nice. i mean, obviously i'm not eating today, even though i'm allowed to have up to eight hundred calories today. and i finally got to exercise in gym class and the workout didn't make me feel tired at all. i was utterly disappointed. some of the girls were like, huff...hufff...hufff.... and i was like, YEAH. BRING IT. CRUNCHES. YEAH. I'M ALL OVER THIS. thirty minutes later, i still wanted to keep going, then we stopped. i am so disappointed. 

so anyway, i have to get ready for school. i hope you all have a wonderful day today. :)

and drink water. i'll be doing a lot of that today.



a friend of ana said...

you are doing great! have a wonderful fast day!!

Weightless said...

im fasting with you today :) lets do this <3

Bella said...

You're lovely.
Don't worry about those fries; they were baked, not fried ;) .

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