turtle turtle turtle turtle.

fasting always makes me feel better. (good idea, a friend of ana.) and the aquarium. i saw turtles today.


anyway i'm going to take your advice, jackie, and make a list of things that made me happy this month.

so. six things that made me happy this month.

number six--

i figured out what i'm getting my best friend for christmas. i'm almost ashamed by the fact that i've never gotten him anything. but now i know what to get him! and make for him. i already made a giant rat plush with his initial on the chest, and i got a turtle toy from the aquarium today. all that's left is to make him a scarf. red with white stripes! apparently he doesn't have one. at all. (his girlfriend is so worthless.)

number five--

summer is almost over. sorry to all you people who like this summer, but it's far too sadistic for my tastes. i mean, heat is suffocating. it's just evil. besides, the closer i get to winter, the closer i get to my birthday and a week of intense partying and time away from mother dearest. of course, my birthday isn't until february, but patience is a virtue. or so i've heard.

number four--

my dog's birthday is in fifteen days. which is great, because i didn't even think i'd still have him this long. he'll be a year old. i have a feeling i should've gotten him neutered... but i couldn't deprive him of life's greatest joy. he won't listen to anyone other than me. he's a smart little guy. and he gets along with the cat now.

number three--

i ripped out my carpet. it was really old and had this weird odor. there was this great tile underneath and it makes the sound bounce all over the walls. so now when i practice one of my instruments, i can hear myself better. stupid carpet used to muffle the sound.

number two--

i found a working cd player. this might sound a little silly, but ever since my dog chewed my ipod charger, i'm wayy to cheap to get another one. sure, i have to keep it perfectly still to hear a song, but it's still really nice.

number one--

i saw turtles. today. turtles are the best. ever. they take life at their own speed and withdraw into their shells when things get a little too crazy. we have so much in common. and you can yell at turtles all you want, but they just keep going about their business. they live really long, they're herbivores, and they're really smart. i. fucking. love. turtles. so much.

it took me so freaking long to find six things that made me happy.

and my mom is pissing me off right now.

these "positive" things never work for me.



jackie said...

I hope that made you feel better. haha not that i ever take my own advice :P

but that list made me really happy to read

becca; said...

i can't wait for winter either...it's definitely the best time of year! :) xo.

a friend of ana said...

oh my i love winter!!! i could definitely live up north where summer is still cold. i love wearing scarves and layers and sweaters and all that!

Caroline said...

Making plushie is so sweet! It must make your friend happy. I prefer summer over winter beacuse I have sun battery hidden somewhere inside me and sun makes me happy, but snow isn't bad.

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