ouch. ouch. ouch.


i just practiced unicycling for two hours. can anyone say bruises? maybe. i don't bruise easily, but my thighs are extremely sore and lately my skin's just been slicing itself open. i mean that, too. i haven't cut in months. random cuts, all over. maybe i'm scratching in my sleep. but i don't know.

i owe you a story, the one i promised i'd give earlier. about why i have commitment issues. i wasn't in a relationship or anything, haha. i was just being... well, myself. but come on, what girl hasn't liked a guy and found out he has a girlfriend but still felt some serious chemistry going on? don't leave me hanging here. but then, i've got that whole free love mindset, so i'm not really into relationships anyway. which, i guess, is why i'm not in one. haha. i don't make sense, even to myself. ah well.

i just got a very excited text from one of my favorite friends about a concert happening HERE in november by one of our favorite bands. the band that actually made us friends. (whatevs.) anyway, i'm really going to do my best to be at the very most one hundred pounds then. in november, on the nineteenth (maybe). i was thinking tss, but then i just binged on vegetables. (healthy, but bad idea.) then i was thinking abc, since if i started tomorrow, day 31 would be halloween, which would be PERFECT, because it's got a lovely eight hundred calorie limit that day which is just enough for me to enjoy a pack of skittles. but it's also fifty days, and that would make the last day-- the last fast day--the day of the concert (maybe). then i was thinking sgd, but it looks like the kind of diet where you'd have more of a chance of success if you started day one on a monday. and then there's like giovanni's but for the life of me, i can't see why anyone in their right mind would want to drink two tablespoons of olive oil. so that's not even an option.

so i figured i'd flip a coin or something. but then i thought, duh, screw the fast day on the last day of the abc. it's perfect. and plus, Sam Lupin is like, amazingly inspirational. so there. that's it.

and ouch, it took forever to type this because my fingers are sore from pushing off of walls to retain my balance on a one wheeled instrument of death. but it burns way more calories than attempting to ride a bike with flat tires, or using roller skates that barely fit six years ago. so yeah. bruises, sore thighs, slight inability to blog about it-- totally worth it.

thanks, sam. and all of you, for putting up with my insanity. i'm going to go massage these tired muscles, look for odd jobs so i can go to this concert, and read books. lots of books.

speaking of books.... i forgot to do my homework again.

i knew i left something off that to do list.



becca; said...

sounds like a good plan :) and a warm bath generally helps with aching muscles :) xo.

Sam Lupin said...

I wrote a long comment, but Blogger hates me today. *sighs*

Anyway. To sum up all of the crap I've said: *response from my blog* I do feel the sudden urge to keep under the limit and would do anything to avoid going over it. Surprisingly enough. I even did my homeworks in attempt to not think of food or care about it. And nowadays, I don't really crave anything but apples. Which I'm running out of. I need to get more of those. Oh, and as for so, I'll do it for you. *takes off hat and bowes* ;) I'm bowing down to your own control, my liege.

Now, for this post: I do actually get really random bruises myself. This is due to the fact that I am as graceful as a blind elephant stuck in a wheelbarrow, further more - I keep hitting my knees or my hand or doing something incredibly stupid and my body is weaker than the normal from the restrictions, so it just formulates bruises and cuts, that refuse to fade away easily - my own solution is to pick at them to see if they hurt. I don't recommend that though.

Actually, that woudld be me! I've had one real 'relationship' with a boy (long story, short) and fell in love with me for 6 days, then said that 'our love is painful. I cannot stand it anymore'. He also used to have a princess pencil and whenever questioned, he would say it was because I was his princess-which was very creepy in my opinion. Also, at that time my best friend used to be stalked by this guy- whom surprisingly was the guy who was 'with' me...for 6 days. We're still friends! (now, this is insanity, my dear!)

Amazing! 20lbs? We can definitely do that! The both of us! I'm going to make it my goal as well! :) I'd love to strive for something. 20lbs I'd be in the 130's. Something I have not seen since I was 9-10(no exaggeration there, sadly enough). Also, you can always switch days-switch the fasting day with another day! I'm too stubborn to do it, as I fear breaking the pattern, but others aren't! *just a small suggestion*

I'm inspirational? *blushes herself to oblivion* ...read my posts of August or June or May. You'll laugh your ass off at the B/P cycles, and the fasting cycles as well. xD. I'm fully in control now though. Happily, this stays with me for a longer time. I'm ready to kick some fatassness! But you girls! Seriously making me blush with all these posts! I can't do anything but grin and blush and smile at your comments. You are so sweet!

This is one thing that you ALL are better than me at. Exercising. The only exercise I do is in the form of walking which is only 20-30 minutes everyday, and very light and easy. I just like it. Any other form of exercise would make me snort. Which is very laughable since in January, I was a self-confessed exercise-junkie that lost no weight because of it. (hence the laziness. My body doesn't work like that. The less exercise, the less stressed I am, the more the rate of weight loss!) <--sounds like a science report.

Insanity is the best thing in the world, my love! <3


-Sam Lupin

Mich said...

I always fail at those diets, like SGD and ABC. :/ I think I'm just too much of a spastic for that. Or my problem with authority gets in the way...

Unicycle sounds fun! You should make a unicycle vlog.

<3 Mew, like hardcore. You really can't go wrong with a pink flying kitten.


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