"because i care about you that much."

okay. i'm using that phrase three times. keep your eyes open.

my day was fairly standard. red came to class late so i didn't get to sit next to him like i did for the past few classes. instead he sat across from me and stared at me. which was fun. and we did crazy faces across the room. then we separated for classes and i saw him again after my class. i was sitting with some classmates doing homework and i called him over. so he came and sat near me. [insert cheesy grin here] our legs were touching and he didn't move his. which i always thought as a good sign. correct me if i'm wrong. we joked around, as usual. i asked if i could drink the rest of his snapple tea (not that i would have, because i have calorie issues) and he said i could have some. i didn't. not much happened when he came over except for the two of us bonding more. like, i found out about his dog. and his childhood. then i looked outside and i saw tino. and i guess i lost my mind.

i gasped and red looked up (along with my other two classmates). i leaped out of my seat and started jumping over chairs frantically, trying to get to the exit so i could tackle tino. it would've looked so freakin' cool. if only the chair hadn't slid at the last second, causing me to knock over the surrounding chairs (and a table) and faceplant into a wall. everyone nearby looked. TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT. so i basically laughed it off-- HOW? I DON'T KNOW-- and went outside, leaving a mess behind me that my new "dad" cleaned up. when i caught up to tino, he thought i was high because i was still laughing it off. so i told him what happened. and he said, why would you faceplant into a wall...

and i said, because i care about you that much.

it was obvious i didn't mean that. so we caught up, kinda or whatever. then i turned and saw that red was leaving and i couldn't let that happen. so i told tino to follow me. i ran through the building (no accidents this time) and chased red to his car. through a parking lot. tino followed me, no surprise there. he was putting his bookbag in his trunk, so i pretended i was going to jump in the trunk. (to give him credit, when he saw me running in his direction, he threw his bag in his trunk and opened his arms.) are you getting in my trunk? he asked in amusement. that's when i said no, i just wanted a hug. SO I GOT MY HUG. and then i was like, how could you leave without giving me a hug, and he was like, i have to go to work. and there are still a few walls you haven't crashed into. (ha. ha. ha.) so i said ALL I GET IS ONE HUG AFTER I CHASED YOU THROUGH A PARKING LOT AND FACEPLANTED INTO A WALL? he said i got a pity hug and a goodbye hug all in one.

because i care about you that much.

for the record, his car is red. i swear, i didn't know until today. it's getting a little freaky now. in a good way.

it's like things are moving fast and yet too slow at the same time. if you know what i mean.

anyway, i'm going to practice my guitar and take it to school on monday. (my hand kinda hurts from crashing into that wall. but for red, i can deal with it.) I THINK I'LL SING SOMETHING FOR HIM. since he sang banana pancakes (by jack johnson) for me. it's only fair, yeah!?

so like, you guys can pick some songs for me to try out. i'd be honored if even one of you suggested a song for me. i think i'm definitely doing grace by jeff buckley (because that's totally our musician). but i said think and definitely in the same sentence, so don't take my word for it.

but really. go ahead and throw some songs at me. i want you to.

because i care about you that much. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? THERE WAS A REASON AFTER ALL.)



Bones said...

Sounds like it's moving at just the right speed :)

jackie said...

my suggestions:
sweet caroline- niel diamond
cigarettes and chocolate milk- rufus wainwright
falling slowly- swell season

I like all those songs. but falling slowly is def the most romantic if that's what you're going for.
best of luck with fasting and red!

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