and now back to the show.

weird. i thought i'd be spouting a lot more in that letter to lee than i did. thank goodness, i suppose, that i woke up in a good mood today. i can only hope the other twenty nine people are as lucky. i woke up like, one and a half hours ago because my mother yelled "i'm going to work! they called me!" also because i went to bed about four hours earlier than usual.

i weighed myself and saw one-twenty three and shook my head. if it's anything like yesterday, it'll fluctuate like gas prices and then go back to what it was. went downstairs, then completely unplanned, i decided to do jumping jacks and did about one hundred before going to the freezer and getting my cupsicle.

this is how it works. you get a cup. fill it with water. find some low-calorie drink mix. mix it in. put the cup in the freezer. and voila, something fun to scrape at all day. yes, scrape at. with a spoon. my favorite is lemonade. sometimes the drink mix becomes tasteless after it freezes. i had two cookies too, although i think that was more out of energy necessity than anything. i'm currently gazing at a package of raisins, wondering why it's in my room and why i just noticed it. oh well.

i think i'm only going to run at night. there's too many eyes in the daytime. and if i delay on this gym registration thing any longer, i'll never do it. so i think i'm going to... do it tomorrow. (my motto on sundays: don't start today what you can do tomorrow.)

so, today, a bit of practical calorie burning. i'm going to start cleaning the house (from top to bottom!) in like, ten minutes or so. my mother will come home and keep her mouth shut, and i'll be happy, for other reasons.

have fun today! it's overcast outside, so i have a good feeling. life's too short to spend a gloomy day being gloomy anyway.


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crashxDburn said...

Weight in the morning is always the best, so congrats on the loss! A pound is a pound, chica. :) I hope you have fun cleaning and running. I find both to be pretty therapeutic, though I rarely do either. lol I guess I'm lazy that way. Keep up the good work and stay strong!

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