fasting. hm.

i'm seriously considering a water fast. the only problem is... people. people watch me like a hawk. i realized that today when i went to a party (with my mother, so it wasn't a cool party), and i sat on the grass doing nothing but writing thinspirational lines all over a page. (mind over matter and i won't get fatter. stuff like that.) anyway, my mother came and told me that it's rude to not eat at a party. i can assure you that i didn't cave in at that lame attempt. then she sent one of her friends over. ms m. ms m is also with me at that volounteer-type day camp/babysitting thing i do. she did a lot better than my mom.

she asked if i wanted food.

then asked if i wanted salad.

then she asked if she could give me something to take home.

i let her give me something to take home, of course. but that doesn't mean i'm going to eat it. iron will! after those cookies this morning, i just wasn't hungry. and with the cleaning and the exercise i did after the cleaning, i was just tired. but if i did a water fast (for two weeks, naturally), i'm not sure how long i could continue before my family force fed me. my aunt is a nurse, i'm sure she wouldn't mind checking me into a hospital if i did a water fast. maybe that's a bit extreme. but actually, i wouldn't put it past her.

also, lee mentioned that she wanted to do a "modified fast" today. which sounded a lot like not fasting at all. didn't make sense but that's not my problem. so i'm thinking i should start on wednesday. that way i can eat in front of people on monday and tuesday to dispel any thoughts of unhealthy behavior. not like, a three course meal, but you know what i mean. it'll be tough keeping them off my back during it, though.  *sigh* i have a question...

why do people make things their business when it isn't!? geez.

if i want to do a water fast, so what? i'm eighteen years old for god's sake. i shouldn't have to worry about things like nosy old women yet. and i'll decide what goes in my mouth, thank you very much. can't they worry about themselves?

honestly. -_-


crashxDburn said...

I totally agree with you. People need to learn to mind their own fucking business. My dad keeps offering me food over and over again, even when I tell him I've already eaten - and there's no way he can prove that I haven't. He barely sees me because we both work a lot. He's just annoying. Our parents are so alike. lol

As for the fast, I say go for it. I fully support you. If you can get away with making food and taking it to your room, then dumping it in your trash can, that's what I do. I just have to take it out every few days so it doesn't start to smell, which isn't a chore or anything in my eyes. I don't mind taking it out.

Anyway, if people have a tendency to go in your room, you might just want to make sure you cover it with other trash - like discarded envelopes, wrappers, etc. I have a lock on my door so I lock it whenever I leave the apartment, and that solves that problem.

You could also try explaining the medical health benefits of water fasting and throw information sites at them, but that only works on really open-minded, scientific people, and it doesn't sound like your family is, just like my family isn't. Gosh... families are so great, aren't they?

Christina said...

Hello, I found your blog through crashxDburn's blog. I'm on the lookout for new blogs to read :)

My parents are always shoving food in my face telling me that I don't eat enough. I often use the excuse that I've eaten at university so I'm not hungry. I mean I spend nearly 7 hours there a day, I have to eat sometime ;)

Everyone else means well but it does get annoying, I'd much rather learn from my mistakes than not experience at all.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more from you.

P.S that "30 letters in 30 days" challenge sounds interesting. I'd like to try it myself, do you mind if I steal it?

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