lucky me.

today would've been just a normal day if not for the fact that my mother almost burned down our house this evening. i'll give you a quick retelling of what happened. she came home and immediately put rice on the stove to cook. i reminded her that we had to go somewhere about thirty minutes after she started cooking because the rice would, in theory, be done by then. she rushed me out of the house, yelling about how i should've reminded her earlier and sped off. a few hours later, while we were still out, she suddenly freaks and tells me we have to go, screeching that the house could be on fire. we speed down the highway until we get home- surprise, it's not on fire. i open the door and the house is full of smoke. she left the fire on beneath the rice. i'm trying to find my cat, because i know my puppy's okay, and she goes to the kitchen, turns the stove off, gets a fork, and says, "This rice tastes delicious."

"This rice tastes delicious."

she almost destroyed our house and all she could think about was eating the rice? really? i'm annoyed. and i feel like eating now. if it wasn't past six, i would probably have broken this fast. i'm not sure if i care about that actually. we'll see what happens. i don't know why i want to eat. i just do. it's so pathetic. the only other thing keeping me out of the kitchen is the smoky scent. but barely.

i knew i should've stayed home today.



becca; said...

my mum set sausages alight once and then still served them up for dinner :| i think charcoal would have had more flavour...i hope you're ok, xo.

Christina said...

Well I'm glad the house didn't burn down. I've had a few experiences like that, mainly to do with my sister putting something on the stove and then forgetting it. My Dad bought a fire extinguisher and put it in the kitchen just in case.

You'll feel better tomorrow. Don't stress.

a friend of ana said...

haha my husband no longer allows me to have candles burning in the house without supervision for a very similar reason... anyways glass things worked out ok and tomorrow (well... today) will be better!!!

crashxDburn said...

I'm glad your house survived and no one got hurt, but that is a tad ridiculous that all she cared about was eating the rice *shakes head* Stay strong girl. Fasts aren't always easy. It has to be something you really want, more than the food.

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