whenever i write in caps, i'm extremely energetic.

or high. but i'm not, don't worry. 

but seriously. today was so epic. i woke up and i just felt totally... normal. well, as normal as someone called missinsanity could be. the last two days i woke up a little bleah. and then i went downstairs to do some yoga and bleah. and i was in the shower and bleah.

but today i woke up. like, seriously woke up. and it was amazing. i could just be imagining this but it feels like i have a lot of energy. i don't even feel like taking a nap today. that's how amazing this is. i've been drinking boiled water because i don't want my mom to start asking, "what happened to all that water?" and then i'd be like, "what water?" and you know what would happen after that. but yeah. must be all those ketone bodies i read about here. (click the link if you're that curious.) i feel great. really great. and smaller. although i could be imagining that too. my hunger pangs have vanished. i came in close contact with a bag of plantain chips today and refused to take any. also, my imagination could be going completely wild but my sense of smell might be improving. at least when it comes to scents i recognize. maybe the other senses will improve too! maybe my glasses will come off for good! (but let's not get carried away... that's just wishful thinking.)

sooo, i went to register today (early in the morn') and a lot of the gen. ed. classes were closed. so my advisor pulled some strings and got me into some good ones. plus i'm taking aerobic dance, which should cover my extra exercise slot. yay for that. no smiles about taking almost seven? eight? classes because most of the music therapy classes i'm taking are like, one credit. not much else happened at my college.

after that, i took a lengthy train ride to this really tiny library. i'm totally addicted to books. (surprise! something about me again!) and i took out some books. reserved a lot more. then i came home. and voila, here i am, telling you all about my day. (random thought: the translucency of my skin disturbs me, but its always been that way. sort of.)

about the cough drop. when i said i had some halls, i didn't mean one. ^^" i had like... five. around there. it was not cool. so i had to count it. 

mich -- i am totally keeping hydrated. my water bottle and i are joined at the hipbone, and we have sweet, passionate, wet kisses as much as we can. (yes, i did just say that.) but in all seriousness, it kinda feels like my water bottle and i are becoming... well, lovers. we spend so much time together. i'd probably die without it. i protect it and make sure it's okay... lol. it's so weird. never mind. :p

gracereturnsslowly -- you've got the power for it. you just have to want it bad enough. so ask yourself, grace: how bad do you want it? i think you could do it if you wanted to. :)

anywhosawazzifatz, since i'm not going to take a nap, i think i might spend the rest of my energy walking the dog maybe. or brushing my teeth. i've been doing that a lot for some reason. or maybe i'll read the other three books i took out from the library today. (i read one already.) whatever i end up doing, though, you can be sure i'll be drinking water while i do it. it's so relieving.

actually, maybe it's not the ketones. maybe there's something in the water.



crashxDburn said...

Damn... I wish I had your luck. I'm on day 10 and still dealing with hunger and nausea, and I haven't had that miraculous burst of energy that people who are fasting talk about. :( Meh. I hope it will come soon. I'm glad you're feeling better today. Stay strong! :)

a friend of ana said...

what a truly wonderful day! yes... 111 is such a beautifully pretty and skinny number :-) i can't wait to be there. too bad about the cough drop incident but you seem to have pushed straight through! keep it up! you're doing spectacularly!

Christina said...

Ah so jealous of your energy boost. I could do with one right now. It's great that you're feeling so good, your water fast must be doing what its supposed to do.

I don't think that you're imagining the whole improved senses thing. I swear my sense of smell has increased dramatically since I've started restricting. Well it's either that or we're both going crazy :D


Sam Lupin said...

ooh! i know how you felt those last few days. i'm still in that bleaghh state of mind. everything feels totally tiring and exhausting to do. even breathing.
ah. so good to reject food, right? ^__^ i've rejected an entire meal from burgerland at like W#$W@#$@ in the morning and i haven't had from there ever since i turned vegetarian. i've got this thing from jumping at a chance to eat at a restaurant when i haven't in a while...i haven't had from there in almost a year!
i still don't believe so! even when i fast, i'm on coffee and tea and stuff as i'm a caffeine addict and can't handle my day without them so surely a couple of cough drops won't matter! or 5 ;)
<3 <3 <3
love jooo.

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