logic 101.

good morning! looks like it's a great day for using my brain, something i've neglected to do for quite some time. that means it's also a great day for being snarky. maybe i'll toss some sarcasm in there too. according to one of my favorite professors, there are four levels of sarcasm. levels one, two and three, and negative sarcasm. level three is hard to get to, since you need cultural references and such to make it so convoluted that only a person on your level of intelligence could get it. and negative sarcasm is when you're being sarcastic in a subtle way. very subtle. so subtle, in fact, that someone should take you seriously. but i'm getting off topic. logic. i'm going to try this. i can do it. okay.

what's on the agenda for today?

i don't know, why don't we go to the library?

good idea. i have to pick up some books anyway.

we should probably go to the library on the other side of the city.

you mean the one that takes two hours to get to?

that's the one! while we're at it, how about putting more books on hold and having them go there, instead of somewhere closer?

so instead of going to the library that's only a twenty minute walk from my house and having books go there, i'd be wasting four hours of my life underground?

in theory, yes. you know, you always say you never like that library because it's too small.

the irony is that the library that's two hours away is the smallest in the city.
but it's nicer, so let's go there.

makes sense to me.

the sad part is that my train of thought was exactly like that. so there you have it. my plan for today is to go to the library. and then come back home and wait for my package again. 

a friend of ana -- it's a book. three books, actually, but they're being shipped from different places. if they all came today, i'd be happier than a raccoon with a chocolate chip cookie, but that's just wishful thinking. and shel silverstein actually inspired me to start drawing. which is probably why my drawings are mostly popular with people under fifteen. and tattoos are cool :) i've wanted sleeves since i was about, thirteen. but if i ever got an mri, it would hurt like hell. saw your designs, by the way. you're a good artist ^^

Jackie -- i really hope my mother and i get along too, haha. i'm glad you had fun reading, too. also, i wish i could fast like jesus. forty days? so intense. 

crash -- she IS totally unreasonable. and don't worry, i call her a crazy old bat all the time. although i suppose that's not really helping to fix our... "relationship." mother-daughter bonds and whatnot.

Elliot Macleod-Michael -- thank you! and shel silverstein sure has a way with words.

Jen :) -- haha, i hope your boyfriend likes teddy bears. ^^

Christina -- sorry to hear that. i hope you feel better too. <3

restarting my water fast. since i crumbled like a year old cookie. (what's up with me and cookies today?) i'm also going to put it in my food diary, which i didn't before. i didn't see the point, but maybe it'll help. today is day one. *throws confetti* would've started yesterday if not for the tofu. (it's always tofu....) i think i'm going to aim for my lucky number- twenty one. with the amount i'll be reading, i doubt i'll have time to eat anyway. i'm a bibliophile, so i can't eat and read at the same time. who knew that would come in handy one day?

i'm going to reward myself. if i can last for twenty one days, i'm going to get THIS. that's the purest form of motivation. 

jeff buckley. 

i named my dog after him. i listen to him everyday. and i own most of the recordings he did.

but i'm not obsessed. 



a friend of ana said...

have fun at the library!!! good luck on the fast :-) you can do it! motivation is key! i need to get some... haha

crashxDburn said...

Good luck with restarting your fast. I ended mine this morning. I decided that 16 days was enough and I was really tired of vomiting up my stomach acid. That's just no fun at all. Have fun at the library. :)

jackie said...

i love his version of hallelujah. but i never really listen to his other stuff.

kinda jealous of your self control. and i wish you luck in the next 21 days.

Anna said...

from my own experience, a food diary can help a lot! Im doing it and it has been great. I feel like I cant be worst than the day before where I was so self controlled you know? Do it! and good luck with it! hugs

Christina said...

Haha, I have conversations in my head like that too.
Good luck on the water fast. You know what it's like now so it might be a little easier this time around. I hope your package arrives soon.
And yeah, I'm going to stay away from mum for a while but I'm doing ok now, thanks.


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