is what i sent my friend in a text just now. god, i'm tired. sorry, but my day was pretty uneventful. basically, it went like this.

i woke up.
i weighed myself.
i went out.
i came home.
i weighed myself.
i left again.
i came home again.
i went for a run (haven't done that in a while).
i decided to post something before my shower.

i didn't eat either. (don't worry, i drank water.) yay! believe me, i was tempted to. every time i came home, i'd end up passing by the kitchen. it's not even like the kitchen is a place you can't avoid. to end up near the kitchen, you have to decide to go to the kitchen. the closest thing to it is the dining room. didn't make sense at the time. and while i was out, some people started eating cake around me. cake that i baked. someone even asked me if i wanted oreos, which are my weakness. but i didn't give in!

god i'm tired. please hold while i pant for breath.




okay. that's better. so when i woke up, the scale said something insane like one-twenty-four point two and i was totally motivated to not eat. then i came home later and it was like one-twenty-five point six. that's when i was like, WHADLGBZFGJN!?!! and decided to leave again. and when i came home the second time, it had only gone down by like, point six of a pound. which was better, but still weird. so i decided to go for a "little run."

what the hell was i thinking.

i haven't gone faster than a power walk in a long time. i ended up doing an absurd mixture of running, power walking, jogging, and bouncing. bouncing is like, when you mean to jog, but you really want to go slower because you're tired so you end up looking like an awkward rabbit heading somewhere. it's been so long since i ran, in fact, that my mother was shocked. tried to convince me that it was a bad idea.

"at this hour? with all those parties going on? when the crazy people are out?"

didn't she realize that meant i was supposed to be out? parents these days.

i haven't weighed myself yet. mostly because i'm sweating and i feel gross. oh yeah. while i was running, i passed this guy who was also running and his eyebrows went up in surprise. something like 'i-can't-believe-a-girl-in-this-area-is-running-at-this-time-who-are-you?' kind of surprise. i countered with a 'it's-a-free-country' eye roll. not that he could see that.

anyway, i'm totally hyped about joining a gym now. i managed a one point thirty four mile run/power walk/etc. which makes me happy. didn't think i could. okay, i can't write any more. i gotta shower. i'm so tired. sorry, you've heard that enough.

by the way, crashxDburn i think i will try that two week water fast. but not just yet. i'll totally let you know when i do.

first letter tomorrow! to my best friend, lee. she's a lady. (woah-oh-oh, she's a lady.) she's pretty cool. too bad she won't be reading it. i'm not going to edit it. i'm just going to type straight through and not delete anything. i might strikethrough, though. i wonder what kind of freudian slips will pop up in that letter. maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

oh well.

i hope i lost something from all that running.


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crashxDburn said...

I had a similar issue with my weight fluctuating today. That's why it's best to only weigh in the morning and not in the afternoon. I just have a hard time staying away from my scale regardless. I know what I get in the morning will be more accurate, though. I wouldn't sweat it, though, until you see what it says tomorrow - no pun intended. lol

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