so i kinda messed up. my throat was hurting so i had some halls. cherry flavored. it wasn't worth it. at any rate, i'm restarting tomorrow.  it's a technicality, yes, but i think it matters. i was reading about water fasts, and the body is supposed to repair itself. so even though i haven't eaten in two days, i think i'm going to restart my water fast. tomorrow's day one of my water fast now. good times.

i know it seems a bit strict, but it was one of my rules. nothing other than water (and my toothbrush and some mouthwash) is supposed to enter my mouth for fourteen days. and i gave in to a cough drop. not cool.

so i'm not counting the last two days. tomorrow is day one of my water fast. again. :x lee thinks it makes sense. kind of. i'll live, anyway.

crashxDburn-- i'm not surprised about the favorite cartoons thing. or ellen hopkins. anyone with good taste would like them.

a friend of ana-- you sniff food too? makes me feel a lot better. ^^ and my nap was great, thanks. <3

christina-- i've never sniffed (or smellled) nutella, so i definitely have to try that sometime.

bonjour bones !-- thank you very much! :)

yes, maybe it sounds insane, but it's about discipline too, right? at least my hunger pangs should be gone by tomorrow. that should make things easier. lots of self control going on here. i'm learning all about it.



Mich said...

Hope you're keeping hydrated. And I figure you don''t really have to count a cough drop. It's pretty much medicine, so that kind of counts as vitamins. <3

I loved your answer to the riddle!! It made me lol for quite a while. :D


a friend of ana said...

yeah i probs wouldn't count the cough drop either but you sure have determination and will power. its inspirational!

Christina said...

If you 'broke' the fast with some cough drops then it's not that bad. I mean it could have been worse, it could have been half a pizza or something :/
You do have some great amount of determination which I admire, good on you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot water fast! At all
it takes so much will power
power i do not have

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