so not happy.

i'm so ready for "that time of the month" to be over. bloating- not pretty. makes me feel like a tub o' lard. and today i felt like the world was finding fault with me. everyone who could yell at me today did. except for my mother, but she didn't even get home yet. so that's something to look forward to. i would definitely have a major headache right now if not for the music i'm blasting. it helps, i guess.

water fast today brought some... unexpected body reactions. i woke up really cold this morning. at three a.m. assumed it was because the window was open. so i went back to sleep in hopes of warming up. woke up again at six- still cold. went back to bed. two hours later- still cold. freakiest thing ever. i had to wear long sleeves today. which i do love, but it was like, eighty-three degrees or something today, and while other people were sweating and staring at me like i was crazy, i was drinking water and wondering why i wasn't sweating. i only started sweating (barely) about thirty minutes ago. so i'm a bit warmer now, but not by much. drank some vitaminwater zero (xxx flavor. yumm.) because it has b12, and as a vegan, i'm probably super deficient by now. and since i guess the cough drops didn't do any damage (as far as i can tell), today is day four again! yay for being psychotic! and making weird decisions. (you'll get used to the bipolarity soon, i hope.)

i'm taking next week off. from life. i'm just going to read and drink water and play video games and maybe make keychains and walk the dog on occasion until thursday, when i'll go to the library for a few hours, only to return home and continue my cycle of madness. i haven't exercised as much in the last few days because of these weird body changes. but tomorrow, i'm getting back on schedule.

what else...


due to a rift in the time-space continuum, i totally missed a day in the thirty letters in thirty days thing. totally posting that later. for now, i'm going to take a super hot shower and hopefully heat up. didn't work this morning, but i'm feeling lucky. the forecast for my weekend is crap followed by more crap, so as soon as i get my business out of the way, i'm locking myself up. yes, my posts next week might end up as me rambling (or me being delirious), but on the bright side, i won't be around food.

crashxDburn -- i hope it comes soon for you too. nausea is never good. hopefully the hunger passes soon too. i'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

a friend of ana -- thank you ^^ i just hope no one forces me to eat anytime soon. my family can get a little crazy.

christina -- maybe our senses are improving because we're not using one (taste) as much. i know blind people who have great hearing, touch, etc. but if it really isn't improving, then cheers for being crazy. it's a good thing to be. i speak from experience.

sam lupin -- O: breathing. yes. same here. breathing has been like, a chore lately. very tiring. i agree. totally. and it does feel great to reject food. i almost had another pizza incident today, but i was like, "no, i'm vegan." thank goodness i don't have to go back to this volunteering thing next week. cheers for tea and coffee! caffeine is the shizznit. :) *high 5*

okay. i should stop typing now and shower, and then clean up before my mother gets home. the last thing i want to hear is her yelling at me about dishes in the sink. that i didn't USE since i've been fasting. not that it would matter to her. parents just love being totally irrational.



Mich said...

Ooo I'd love to take a week off from life! Feel my envy!!!


Those rifts in the TSC will get you every time.


a friend of ana said...

i am truly inspired by your super fasting abilities! keep it up!!

crashxDburn said...

I drink the Vitamin Water Zero XXX too. Nom nom. I had that super cold feeling one time so far. The rest of the time I'm sweaty and cold, which is gross. At the moment I'm still having chest pain and trouble breathing, but it's on my right side under my ribcage so I know it's not my heart. I was worried about that. Good luck with your fast, but I would highly recommend not exercising for the duration. That could end up getting you hurt.

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