i totally forgot.

i know i'm a total screw up, but i thought i had more sense than this. shame on me. shame, shame, shame.

so many mistakes in such a short period of time.

mistake number one. about one week ago.
me- mom, can you buy me some laxatives?

this is why i shouldn't be so cheap.
but i can't help it sometimes.

mistake number two. about two weeks ago.
chugging half a bottle of prune juice after she didn't get it. although, when i did it, i was feeling in the dumps. no joke.

mistake number three. a few days ago.
taking laxatives (note: laxativeS)after the prune juice chugging incident... and leaving my room door open... with  them on the table.

you think i'd know to cover my tracks by now. at least she doesn't care about me much, so i think i'm safe for now. our conversation went (more or less) like this.

my mom- what happened to all those laxatives?
me- what laxatives?
my mom- the laxatives i bought.
me- i have them. why?
my mom- i mean what happened to them. you used like, five. {LIES. i used three. THREE. three is not like five at all.}
me- i don't understand. what are you asking me?
my mom- did you use all those laxatives?
me- what laxatives?
my mom- the laxatives in your room.
me- why would i have laxatives in my room? what are you talking about?
--more circular questioning--
ten minutes later...
my mom- ....i need to use the computer.
me- YOU CAN'T. I'M BUSY. *stomps upstairs and slams door dramatically*

so yeah, not the best way to avoid that question, but it worked. gotta be more careful.

you know what they say. sometimes the best defense... is amnesia.



crashxDburn said...

LMFAO The conversation with your mom made me laugh a little, because it was just so ridiculous. I've tried the amnesia thing before on my dad but he just gets pissed off. Plus he's really nosy and pushy, so he wouldn't let me get away with it that easy. My absolute best solution for hiding things is that I lock my door when I leave, so he can't come in here. ^^ Works like a charm.

Christina said...

That is very funny. Unfortunately that doesn't work with my family very much any more.

On your last post, I absolutely love yoga. I really need to find some time in my day to do some.

I'll have to get started on that letter thing then! Thanks.

a friend of ana said...

haha made me laugh a little :-)
yeah i hate buying laxies. i always feel so weird in the store but oh well. i like those chocolate ones. remember to drink water! things will blow over with your mom.
oh and thanks for following me :-)

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