this is so freaky.

for the past few hours, i've been hallucinating again, about tasting different meals. this time it was tofu and brocolli, beans and mixed vegetables and... cheese?

of all the things i could hallucinate about... cheese? really? body, i thought we decided to be vegan together. what is this sudden desire to sink my teeth into a slice of kraft cheddar cheese (conveniently located in the bottom shelf of the fridge) at this exact moment!? why are you reminding me that there's fresh bread downstairs that would go nicely with that cheese, and soy milk to wash it all down? why can i taste the cheese on my tongue when it's nowhere near me?! and why are you suggesting i get a slice of pizza sometime!! do you think i'm going to give in that easily? well, damn you, the mind is still stronger than you.

you don't control me! i won't give in to you this easily. i'm not even hungry!

first of all, i won't give in to your cheesy fantasies, because i haven't touched the stuff in almost a year now, and i'm not about to mess that up. second! you must have forgotten, so let me remind you- fasting? hellooo!?

and no, this doesn't count as talking to myself. this is me, talking to you, body! cut it out! only ten days left. i thought you could handle this? toughen up, will ya?



Bonjour Bones ! said...

You're doing great, keep it up. Today I had a weird craving for fried foods. I didn't eat any, but the thought was in my mind for a split second.
Ultimately, though, I could care less about food. Is that weird? While others are so consumed about it, I don't like it. I simply don't.

Christina said...

You are doing amazingly. You'll get through this like a breeze.

a friend of ana said...

i love your little rants like this :-) you will get through the food hallucinations! You are doing brilliantly

crashxDburn said...

LOL this is like an inner monologue in my head that cycles over and over, except for the being vegan part. But I'm always asking myself why I want that chicken or that pizza, etc. You can do it, though. I believe you make it. :)

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